للائحة لأفضل مواقع القمار لأسلحة كونتر سترايك و تتضمن الألعاب التالية: :GO تراهن المواقع. الروليت،, الرهان على المباريات،, Fanstasy, اموال مجانية, و الكثير من الجوائز الأخرى.
Zengaming is a online arena for Counter-Strike: عدوان عالمي. The way it works is you sign up with your SteamID, enter the ‘CSGO Competitive Arena’ and click ‘Head to Head – Play Now’
You’ll obviously need Counter-Strike:GO and Steam to do any of this, but you’ll be set up a private server and an easy clickable button for joining. You simply click on the button once it’s connected you with a match and you’ll play against a real player.
I have to admit, it’s fairly difficult, but as someone who’s spent around 400 hours in CSGO, I enjoy it. it depends who you’re matched with. You have to win 8 rounds of the game, and you’ll be totalled 10 ائتمانات. If you lose, you get nothing, but you don’t lose anything either.
Eventually you can spend these points on CSGO items, which again isn’t money, but it’s a pretty fun way to get something of value.