How to aim better in CS:GO – Crosshair Placement

How to aim better in CS:GO

Being good at aiming is pretty much half of what makes you a better CS:GO Player. The other half is game sense, to be familiar to maps and teamplay. We break down aiming into the following 3 areas raw aim, reflex and crosshair placement. Right now however, we will only be discussing about Crosshair Placement in brief.


  1. Crosshair Placement:

The player who’s curious to focus on headshots must develop his crosshair placement skill because that will not only make you play like ScreaM but it will make you a good player in general. It will reduce your efforts and will enhance your gameplay efficiency. Here are some tips and benefits of good crosshair placement:

-This minimizes the distance you need to move your mouse to hit your target and makes you appear a lot faster. This is crucial when you are peeking around corners, defending a specific angle or even while rushing, just make it a standard practice to always aim at head level and adjusting for exotic distances.

-Placing your crosshair at the most likely spot where the head of opponent appears is one of the best way to improve your aim.

-Learn the most common spots where enemies like to attack to defend from for current popular maps, start Pre-Aiming at common spots when walking around map. This will give you the ability to do Pre-Shooting, when you are certain that an opponent is there. Pre-Aiming and Pre-Shooting might even make your opponents wonder whether you’re cheating or not.

-Keep your crosshair close to the wall, try to keep in mind that your crosshair should be close to the walls you are running around. Note that you always keep a small gap between the wall and your crosshair. This helps profoundly against pushing opponents because you don’t have to adjust your crosshair.

-You should also try to avoid peeking close to a wall, otherwise enemies can spot you way earlier than they normally would.

-Another important part of crosshair placement is peeking corners. When you peek corners, your crosshair should always be stuck to the wall. If you were to peek a corner to your left your crosshair should be right next to the edge of wall. This allows for you to see your enemy and already be locked onto opponent’s head. Look at the following image to understand this better:

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– Taking sites, when you take a site, you want to have your crosshair where you know people will usually play. Let’s say you were to be taking B site on Cache. Players will tend to sit at Headshot Box, so your crosshair should be where the enemy would be when you peek that angle. This skill is called pre-aiming which is an essential part of your crosshair placement.


You can look at this image as a reference to a good ‘headshot level', the green area is how high you should keep your aim.

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How to aim better in CS:GO – Crosshair Placement


From my experience I can assure you that crosshair placement is way more important for beginners than raw aim. I never really considered myself someone with really good aim and still reached THE GLOBAL ELITE using this method. Also, it is something that works even on a bad day. Once you have learned this method you will see your play improve drastically.

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