Как да се подобри в CSGO – Warmup Рутинно

How to be a better playerWarmup/Practice Routine?

Are you tired of eating the silver dust and want to show your mates what you’re really worth? In CS:ОТИВАМ, having a well maintained routine for practicing various skills play an important role in increasing your performance. Reaching the best of ranks and playing on greater competitive levels is only possible if you’re always well prepared and one can only be well prepared by practicing something over and over again. Please note that this article focuses on my point of view, some people may disagree. I’m currently global elite and have been playing Counter Strike for over 6 years.

Как да се подобри в CSGO – Warmup Рутинно

Just like any other aspect, practicing is extremely important if you want to see massive improvement in your gameplay, overall dominance in a competitive game. We will be focusing on a few factors, namely, movement, raw aim, crosshair placement and game/map knowledge.

Before we begin, make sure your in-game configuration (things such as resolution, brightness, sensitivity, viewmodel etc.) is well set and that you’re comfortable in playing with your current settings, if that’s not the case then it’s advisable to tune your settings first. Alright, so let’s start with raw aim training first.



There are plenty of workshop maps that will tremendously help you to improve your raw aim, I personally prefer the following maps:

Playing the above mentioned maps on daily basis will greatly improve your aim and muscle memory. Another important aspect of raw aim is spray control/recoil management. To learn more about recoil you can study our other articles, but personally there’s an easy way to master your recoil with pretty much all in-game weapons. For recoil practice I prefer the following map:

This map contains the recoil patterns of almost every gun and it is very user friendly, you can even turn slow motion on to study the patterns in detail and master them as you play it.

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Как да се подобри в CSGO – Warmup Рутинно

Another important step to improve your aim is playing lots of deathmatch. A lot of new players make the mistake straight away dropping into competitive games without any warmup whatsoever. Remember, without playing deathmatch gamemode, your chances of getting better are close to none. Valve official deathmatch servers are kind of bad because it takes a lot of time for you to find a kill so mostly, a player just roams around the entire map, this is where the community servers come into play. There are plenty of community DM servers, some of them are also ‘headshot only’ (you will only be able to kill other players with a headshot). To join one of those servers all you have to do is go to play > community servers and search for DM, FFA (which stands for free for all), or HS and you will find plenty of servers to play and improve on.

Now that recoil and raw aim is covered, let’s move on to movements.


За да научите повече движения в подробности можете да се обърнете към нашите по-възрастни членове където сме ясно обяснени всичко. Движение играе много важна роля в подобряване на играча, в зависимост от движението ви може да се печели или губи престрелка. Възпроизвеждане на обществени сървъри, които се фокусират върху bhop или KZ ще ви помогне да получите по-добро при бомбардировки и ще подобри вашето движение като цяло, става празен бот сървър и практикуването на вашия брояч Strafing (движещи се по време на снимане) will also greatly help you to develop a muscle memory and you will make less errors while performing this trick.

You can play and practice on this map to improve your jumps and boosts:

The final part which remains is game/map knowledge.

Game/Map Knowledge

To be a better player it is very important to have good knowledge of the map that you play and how the game works in general, possessing knowledge of grenades, smokes, mollys and flashes is very important since that greatly influence the majority of your gameplay and tactics. You must be well aware of map call-outs and spots and must play like a good, well co-ordinated player. You can watch youtube channels such as nadeking, cruxal to learn about smokes and basic tactics.

Spending 30 minutes daily on Deathmatch and aimbotz will greatly improve your aim.

Sparing 15-15 minutes each for kz/bhop and map knowledge each you will see a great impact in your gameplay.

Watch pro players’ игра демонстрации ще ви помогнат да се разработят стратегии и да подобрят играта си чувство, което ще благоприятства вашата игра.

Така, достигнал до извода,, най-добрият начин, за да получите по-добри в Counter Strike е чрез практикуване на много и разработване на рутинна практика за себе си!

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