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CCSGO Overflow | 自由点 | PROMO BONUS网址 | 可信
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We love CS: GO and we love skins. We also know that you do as well, this is why we made this website! FOR THE COMMUNITY!
This website is created for the people who love the thrill of gambling, but do not like the “赌场” style of many sites, i.e. commissions, percent for the house and actually DEPOSITING ITEMS.
Every person who choses to transfer some of his/her drops to active will be listed in the user table, at any moment, no matter logged in or not, he/she can be attacked by anyone else.
Attacks work on a 50/50 chance system, you have the SAME CHANCE to win as the person attacking you. You can not lose more than 50% of your active drops in one attack.
When you win/lose an attack or defense the drops go in or go out of your Active Drops , in order to keep your drops safe you must transfer them to Static Drops !