CSGO – jak zlepšit pohyb

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Movement and Shooting:

Let’s start off by discussing what movement is, what ‘’movement’’ means and how to improve your movement to get an advantage over your enemies. Movement in Counter-Strike can mean alot of things, whether it’s walking, running, jumping, strafing, counter-strafing, bunny hopping, crouch jumping. In this topic we will discuss about these mechanics and how to use them to gain advantage.

CSGO – jak zlepšit pohyb

1 . Learn to move smart while in combat, for instance, with Sidestep/ Strafe Shooting. The challenge is to synchronize your movement and shooting so that your aim is still precise. While straffing(A +D) your aim is imprecise and when you stop strafing you slide for a very short time.

2. To gain instant precision, just tap once in the opposite direction. You can practice that easily with a dynamic crosshair. Once you get the hang of this, practice to step left and right continuously while shooting at the same spot each time you switch directions. Pro players even do this when practicing on a pure aiming map.

3. Nejdou příliš rychle na začátku, nebo budete trénovat špatné návyky zaměřené. Spustit tak pomalu, jak je potřeba, aby zasáhla na stejném místě znovu a znovu, zkuste to udělat rychleji. Uvědomte si, že stres z konkurenčního angažmá mohl dostat vás ven synchronizace. Tím se zlepší s praxí a další bojové rutinní.

-Začněte s bodovou stěnou.

-Cvičení s roboty a směřujících mapách.

– Pokrok k jejímu používání v konkurenčních hrách

4. Chůze, běh a skákání jsou základní pohyby v Counter-Strike, že každý hráč by měl vědět o. In 1vs1 situations you want to get the most out of your movement by not letting enemies know where you are until it’s too late for them to react. This is when walking come in handy. You move silently and it works in your advantage because enemies cannot hear you when you sneak around them. You can also scout for opportunities to go forward towards site by gaining info yourself.

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CSGO – jak zlepšit pohyb

5. Bunny hopping means jumping repeatedly while using strafe jumping technique to gain and hold the maximum speed of 300 units per second in order to move faster from one location to another instead of running. You need to spend countless hours practicing and you still will fall from time to time. You cannot consistently bunny-hop throughout the map, it is impossible to do without scripts or cheats. Some hints on how to make bunny hopping easier:

Bind it typing mwheelup +jump and mwheel down +jump into your developer console.

6. Run boosting means on top of your teammate and jumping. Game mechanic allows you to jump super-high and super-long using this technique. It is extremely difficult to time properly but when executed correctly, you can boost to locations, you normally wouldn’t be able to.

This is how the famous runboost looks like from enemy perspective:

From my experience, I assure you that by using these techniques, you’ll surely be able to improve and by practicing these, you would become a better CS:GO player.

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