CSGO BHopping & Surfing – Does it Have a Place in esports?

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Bunny Hopping and Surfing are community mods created by the CS community. Both are mods in which the player, single player only, are meant to ride through the obstacles/courses/levels for fun or the competitive aspect. Created back in Counter Strike: Source (the “fresher” but more worse version of 1.6), they have grown to be the two most popular mods in CS:GO as of current. With maps created in different tiers, bhopping and surfing require actual skill, with the exception of a server enabling AutoBhop, which makes you gain speed with every auto jump.

A recent community created tournament called KZ-Climb Cup (kz standing for kreedz, who made the legendary maps most known in the bhop scene today) featured a $800 prize pool, and people can increase the prize pool by directly donating towards it. It would be a 1v1 tournament ladder, in which one of the two players had to achieve the faster finish time to the other. They were done on maps created by kreedz, which are probably one of the most excruciating and difficult maps out there on bhop community. This is one of the few tournaments that are hosted in relation to bhop, which surfing still has yet to achieve/host a notable surfing tournament.

The bhopping and surfing community should take note the efforts of the TF2 community did to keep the TF2 competitive league live. With its first traces back in 2008, TF2 leagues had been in ESEA, ESL, CEVO, UGC, and more during its timeline, only to receive competitive support 7 years later from Valve (meaning its efforts were not in vain).The notable thing about TF2’s competitive scene was of the ability to stay alive, even though the scene received no support from the majority, nor Valve. It was eventually backed by leagues and sponsorship, but started off with individual funding through the community. Ask any player from that community who has an extensive history in TF2, and they’ll explain at how important it is to them.

While they do not have the resources to become a top tier (maybe even semi) esport, the only way the bhopping and surfing community has any chance at becoming recognized as an amateur or semi-esport is all on the community’s shoulders. They are the ones who will direct the funding, the support, and the recognition it needs. These communities will also need to replicate and study how other communities from other games kept their games alive and/or supported to be recognized as an esport by the gaming community as a whole. The two communities also need to recognize that in no way shape or form will they support from Valve at the start. If they try hard enough by following methods correctly, it is possible for them to become a community. Although, the hardest part will be getting recognized. They will need notable figures to recognize and talk about them as a whole. That is all I have to state regarding bhopping and surfing communities as an esport. Write down in the comments of your opinion regarding these two mods/gamemodes becoming a possible esport.