The popular Counter-Strike graffiti feature that used to leave your mark on the maps, distract opponents, and sometimes amuse them, has been brought back by Valve for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And while in previous iterations of the game the feature was available for free and could be customized, these new sprays have a few guidelines. They’re available for sale now on

In previous Counter-Strike installments, the player had access to an unlimited number of charges – now they can only have 50. After the charges are consumed, the player will have to acquire new ones, be it in the form of a weekly in-game drop by ranking up, through graffiti boxes that can be purchased, or by purchasing an individual graffiti from OPSkins or through the Steam Market.

Past versions of Counter-Strike allowed you to create custom graffiti with any image you wanted from the web (they could even be R-rated images) by going to a folder in the game’s files and pasting it there. You could add animation to the graffiti by using a .gif file as the source image and if the server moderator or the player didn’t want to see them, they could turn off the feature and still be able to play.

Now, there are two types of graffiti patterns available: monochrome and multi-colored. The first you can acquire as a rank up drop and the latter can be acquired through the purchase of a graffiti box. Part of the earnings from the graffiti box sales will go to the community of artists behind the patterns, which means that they can continue to produce new work in the future. Both types of patterns can also be traded and sold on OPSkins or the Steam Market.

The graffiti designs are mostly based on previously existing sticker designs, so we could assume that in the future Valve might roll out special edition tournament graffiti. Interestingly enough, one of the actual graffiti patterns features the controversial Howling Dawn design which had to be changed in the past due to copyright infringement; it might just turn out to be one of the more expensive sprays on the market in the future.

Image courtesy of Valve
Players can equip as many patterns as they wish and they can switch them in-game so as to apply a different pattern in each spray, although they are only able to spray once every round or every 45 seconds (whichever comes faster) and the graffiti will last seven minutes on the applied surface until it fades away. According to Valve: “Players can apply graffiti once per round, or every 45 seconds, whichever is shorter. Getting a kill in a round-based game mode will allow the player to apply more graffiti.”

Surfaces on the maps where the graffiti can be applied will display a preview of the graffiti when the player tries to spray on them. If the surface does not show a preview then the player will not be able to graffiti over it.