Whether you are a real N00b or a seasoned Pro Gamer, you are always wanting to know how to get dem Skins.

Nowadays most games come with a Skin addition and Counter Strike : Global Offensive has set the golden standard for what skins can offer to a game.

What Are Skins, You Ask?

Okay, here is the quick ABC on all CS:GO Skins.

They are basically fashion accessories. Yes, Gamers like to dress their weapons up. Its out there now. You cannot hide!


No seriously, there is more to Skins than making your weapons look bad-ass.

We know! Think Camouflage. Think Stealth! Think Status!

While they do not add to your actual weapon ability i.e. make your firearm shoot faster, aim better or shoot more bullets, there is no substitute for the recognition you get from using sick skins.

So, Gamer, let us go into the real deets on all CS:GO Skins and why you need them.

No Glitching! – We Have The Low Down On All Cs:go Skins 2023 CsgobetTypes Of Skins

Skins are broken down into three main categories:

Normal Skins

Its your basic Skin, the run-of-the-mill, stock-standard Skin. Sounds terribly boring, right? Well, they are not!

There are some really awesome designs and sometimes the most basic pattern is the best.

Galil EcoStat-Trak® Skins

Stat-Trak® Skins are super special!

In Counter Strike, killing is king! If you want to move away from being labeled a casual or even a perpetual bottom-frag, then you have to focus on your kills.

A Built-in Kill-Counter!

The Stat-Trak® skins will do just that for you. Stat-Trak®skins are somewhat rare, and can only come from opening cases or buying them off the market. With a built in kill-counter you will know exactly how many kills you have accomplished from the moment you equipped that skin and with this always on display for you, you can use it as your own personal goal achiever. Watch ‘em buggers tally up! Awesome, right?

Just a heads-up, which is a good-to-know, if you sell your Stat-Trak® skin, the kill counter will automatically reset, so there won’t be any worries of some n00b out there logging up your kills.

Further good news is that your kill count will, however, stay in your inventory register.

Bot Kills

These, unfortunately, do not count as a kill on your counter. Sorry, for you man! Keep forging ahead for those real deal kills.


Souvenir Skins

These babies are hard to come by but when you get one, you will be over the moon!

Souvenir skins come from souvenir cases, which are able to be opened without a key. They are dropped to spectators in valve-sponsored tournaments, which are ESL and DreamHack (these are tournaments where professionals compete). In order to get a souvenir drop, you have to link your twitch account to your steam profile and be watching the stream. There are merits to sitting on the sidelines it seems!

What Are Souvenir Skins Exactly?

As the name says, they are souvenirs to remember the game by. When you open a souvenir case, you receive a skin that has 3-4 unobtainable golden stickers on it and the signature of the player who was the MVP in the previous round. The weapon for the skin you receive is randomly chosen from those that are in the game. For example, if you're watching Fnatic on DreamHack and Olofmeister is the MVP of a round and then you get a case, then the skin you get will have 4 gold foil stickers: One golden tournament sticker, two golden team stickers, and one golden Olofmeister signature sticker.

For this reason souvenir skins can be quite expensive, and sometimes these weapons are not traded away because they have sentimental value. After all, some souvenir skins are one of a kind.

I mean who sells a Souvenir Skin? Well, I guess if that tournament was naff or you are hard up on cash and you want to buy that kickass new M4 skin or maybe one of those sick Desert eagles, you may just sell a Souvenir.

Ok, so you maybe get rid of that souvenir, but only for a good price!


With regards to the types of skins, certain weapons can come out in all three categories of skins, but some only get the normal branding since there are some skins that do not come from cases. There are too many skins/cases to try and break it all down here.

There are lists of options, so find your faves and stock that inventory!

Wear and Tear on all CS:GO Skins

Just like a jacket or a pair of shoes, you can either buy it brand new off the shelf, looking all sparkly and polished or you can go with that old time favorite Vintage look, a little worn but oh so in.

Skins work in a similar way, although they are born that way, just like Lady Gaga.

Jokes aside, the skin is created with that wear and will stay that way. It will not fade after use or time either.

So whatever your fancy is you can make your choice by using this simple, but not exact grading method. This grading method is called the “float value” of a skin, and goes from .00 being the best to .99 being the worst.

And I say not exact, because the wear of the skin encompasses a range of float values, and it is not uncommon for a knife to have a float value below the range of the wear that is attached to the name.

Staying with our “keep it simple, stupid” here are the five grades from super brand new to pretty old, or best to worst, depending on how you look at it.

Wear and Tear Grading Table

GradeOur Interpretation
Factory NewOut the box new
Minimal WearHand-me-down worn
Field-TestedHad a little field work
Well-WornBeen through the bush backwards and forwards
Battle-ScarredThe old man of the battle field

So, if you do not like a few scratches here and there and prefer your clothing to be pristine and neat, then go with the Factory New grading of Skin. But if you like that old worn look that shows character and history, we are sure you will find a firm fave from the other grades of Skins.

Fac-New Vulcan
Weapon Skin Quality Grades on all CS:GO Skins

Now this is different to the “wear” of the Skin, in that this grades how rare the Skin is and what its intrinsic value is on the market place.

They are graded in color so you can eye out the best kind at a quick glance.

Here is the Quality Grade Table


The color of the grade will appear under the picture of the weapon, where the name and collection is noted.

So, when you are spinning that free wheel of fortune (known as opening cases), you want be shouting out “Please be a purple!! I SAW A RED!!!”, or if you're even luckier, “OMG YELLOW YESSS!!!” At least this is what I do, maybe you guys are different. If you're still confused, here's a breakdown of what the weapons in the cases might be. And for those of you wondering what the “rare special item” is, it's a gorgeous, beautiful thing called a knife. Luckily, Valve doesn't tease you by showing you a yellow unless you're gonna land on it.

Csgo Case ColorsDrops occur at the end of every game, and these drops can include skins or cases. This is not the only way to get skins, and for the most part you will get only grays or blues when you don't get cases. Refer to our article how to get skins on cs go where we give you more Intel on Skin dropping.

Its safe to say that the rarer the Skin, the less you will see these being dropped randomly, but hey, stranger stuff has happened before. So keep a look out at all times.

Stat-Trak® Skin Drops

There is no such thing! You can only get these little marvels by opening up a case or spending money in the marketplace. So, you better stash that dough and save up!


How Much Do Skins Cost?

Depending on their rarity and wear grading, skins can be dead cheap but they can also be OMG! expensive. You will find the Skins that are dropped occasionally generally will not fit into the OMG! category, but you never know when you may strike it lucky, so hold all those thumbs! The most expensive skin sold so far was around $23,850!

Why You Gotta Get Those Skins

As mentioned, while skins have no functional value or benefit to your actual fighting skills, they can assist in other ways to making your gaming experience top-notch.

Street Cred

Simply put, you will receive loads of respect and admiration from the other gamers if you have kickass skins for your weapons. Who doesn’t like a shwanky looking AK?

But a word of warning, you better have your game plan on and NOT play like a girl! (No offense to those kickass, straight-aiming girls out there, and I know there are!) It's one thing looking the part, but if you suck and have no skills, then it's best you spend more time on aim maps than trading.

Smoke and Mirrors

Picture this. You are crouched low, breathing heavy, behind some crates, in a deserted garden and the enemy is approaching fast. Just as you lock in the dead center of his forehead, he turns and walks away from you. Why? Because you’re practically invisible. Or at least your weapon is.

Although most of you veteran players won't believe me, in the lower ranks you can often sit in a corner with only your gun peeking out, and if your gun blends into the background no one will notice. Also, enemies will might not notice if there is a gun sitting on the ground, but it blends in with the background. Some CT might pass up an AK-47 Sand Dune even though you were just shooting them with it!

A good example is the Mag-7 Sand Dune or any other gun in this skin. In the screenshot below, the Mag-7 Sand Dune blends right in with the walls on Inferno. If you're below MG, give it a try!

No Glitching! – We Have The Low Down On All Cs:go Skins 2023 Csgobet

Custom Made Skins

Valve developed an absolute gem of an idea right here! If you are the creative type, this will blow your mind!

It can be a little complicated to design and create these custom Skins but worth the try.

You may even find that your designs will become real popular and you can sell them for big mula! So get creating!

So, How Exactly Do You Get Skins?

There are basically three ways to get Skins. There are those gamers out there that just wait around for those free drops but the majority are spending real, hard cash on some top-notch designs. Here are the ways to get you some Skins.

Free Skins

The general rule of thumb to get free Skins is to play on genuine Valve servers or online community servers. These servers drop Skins often. Just be patient!


One way to get skins is to open cases that you get from drops. Be warned, you will usually spend more money on the keys to open cases than you will get on the weapons you receive. In trader's terms, this is a common way to “lose” money, but the entertainment value of opening cases can often be worth it.



Trading means buying Skins from the market and there are plenty places to do this. There are independent sites where you can register with them, earn points and get free Skins. Just read the fine print before you delve into that.


Steam Market is a good place to trade Skins. You not only can trade Skins in Steam Market, but stickers, trading cards and containers. This is verified and promoted by Valve, the developers of Counter Strike. You have to register with Steam and use their Steam Wallet Funds, pretty much like Bitcoins (virtual money) and then you can buy and sell Skins to your hearts desire. Read “Where to buy CSGO Skins” for a more in depth look at buying skins!!

M4A4 Howl

In Conclusion

We hope this was helpful and informative to you. We have tried to keep it simple and an easy read, but with real Intel on all CS:GO Skins that you need to know. Happy Gaming!

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