Csgoatse bonus code

Casual Csgo skins roulette offers 3 way bets – black/red/green with payout of 1:1, 1:1 and green payout is usually depends on amount of roulette numbers

In real life roulette that has green number (zero) your expected value of one spin is -2.7%, which means if you bet 100$ on red/black/number/dozen/odd you will get back only 97.3$ each time in long run. Of course you can win 10 times in a row by placing bets just on red or whatever (its called dispersion), but the longer is your run, the more chances you will get that 97.3% return.

Why you EV$ is -2.7%? Just because of presence of green number (zero) – if zero is on roulette – your bet lost. Chance to hit zero 1/37 = 2.7%

In real life casino you can place on numbers as well. What if you put bet on zero? It doesn’t matter what number you will chose, odds still will be against you, since guessing number pays off 35/1 and chance to hit any number (including zero) is 37/1

And now lets have a look on csgo skins gambling sites. For example lets take CSGO ATSE.

Their roulette has 15 numbers (7 black, 7 red, 1 zero). Are you already feeling it? Real life casino has 18 red / 18 black / 1 zero.

If in real life roulette your expected value from 1 spin was -2.7% (1 zero / 37 numbers), in CSGOatse roulette it will be HUGE -6.6%. That is almost 2.5x higher that in real roulette!

Its even higher than roulette that has two zeroes (-5.4% expected value per spin)

But still lower than anyone who is playing blackjack without strategy

If you want to gamble – best way is to participate in jackpot games. Thats the most fair system that you will get since you will play against players, not the house (house will grab his % as well, but usually its something around 2%-5%, not goddamn freaky 6.6%) And come on, what can be better than moment when you clean some pleb and grab their last asiimov?