CSGOLive – Top CSGO Case Opening Site 2022

Csgolive Bonus Code

CSGOLIVE is a very famous CSGOLive are made from the same creators of a csgo gambling site, Wtfskins. You can use our code and start claiming CSGO skins by opening cases.



Primary feature is the ability to open cases like CSGO. There are numerous crates with various costs accessible on the website. You can find them for a few cents and tens of dollars.

Especially advantageous are the theme boxes, from which players may obtain different skins with matching themes. The service is highly recommended, providing trustworthy transactions at reasonable pricing.

Case Creator

Anyone using CSGOLive can make their case, which other users can open. When you make a new case, you can choose your own commission for each opened case. This fee can't be more than 3% of the case's value and goes straight to the person who made the crate.


Case opening is the only type of game that you can play on CSGOLive. There are no other gambling games on the site. Again, adding more gambling games could make the site less useful in many countries, which we're sure the site's owners would want to avoid at all costs.

Still, the site only has one game mode is a drawback, especially since CSGOLive doesn't stand out from its competitors. It's just a classic case opening like the one we know from the first game, except instead of using keys to unlock chests, we use our account balance to do it. There are no special effects here.


CSGOLive is provably fair, which means you can check the games to ensure that the results you see are fair and have a record. You can compare the game IDs to see if this is true.


Weakest point is definitely in the area of customer service. They don't have a live chat or ticket system, and the only way to get in touch with them is by ticket system. We received our response rather quickly, and most people similarly report doing so within a few hours. Even though the user interface is simple, this is not how customer service on a gambling website should appear.


The CSGOLive mobile site is easy to use and quick to figure out. You won't have trouble finding your favourite case, which will load quickly on the screen.

The decision by CSGOLive not to offer an external app was a good one. Thanks to the mobile website, visitors can easily manage their accounts and open their case without having to download any extra software.




The odds for bundled cases on CSGOLive are excellent and better than any other site. Also, if you don't like the odds in official matters, you can use the case creator to make your cases and open them.

How to open case on csgolive?

Click “Deposit” on the left side of the screen and use G2APAY or SKFPAY to pay with cash or skins, respectively. Then press the open case on any case you can afford.

How do I increase my level on CSGOLive?

When you open cases, you gain experience and level up. The site's experience system has been there for a while, so if you're already at a high level, it means we've been keeping track of your experience.

What is the bonus for each day?

CSGOLive users will get between $0.02 and $50.00 in free site balance daily, depending on their level.

Are these the same kinds of cases that Valve sells?

No, we put together the skins ourselves and put them in packages to make case openings that are more rewarding and fun than what Valve or any other case site has to offer.