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DatDrop Reviews

What is DatDrop?

Datdrop is among the most trustworthy and dependable case-opening websites online. Due to the availability of Box Upgrade and Box Battle, the platform has a respectable community in addition to opening boxes.

Some crates are merely worth cents, premium crates cost about $50, and the most costly crates cost several thousand dollars.

You'll be pleased to learn that case opening site has a long history in the industry and has developed a strong following.



Primary feature is the ability to open cases like CS:GO. There are numerous crates with various costs accessible on the website. You can find them for a few cents and tens of dollars. 


The only rule in the multiplayer game “Battle Opening” is “WINNER GETS EVERYTHING.”

The player with the most significant total drop wins the game.

All game skins, including those of other players, are awarded to the victor. Those who lose get a booby prize.


Battle Royale is a unique game mode that lets up to 72 players play simultaneously. The game has two to six rounds, similar to a tournament (based on the number of players chosen).

The players engage in a 1×1 (or 1x1x1) combat (match) in each round. The victor advances to the following round to compete against other victorious players until the final match, which determines the game's ultimate winner.

The best element of the game style is that everyone who played, even losers, received prizes! Whoever is luckier will win the game, but nobody will go home empty-handed.


From your inventory, pick the skin(s) you want to replace with a more expensive version (s). You can now use your balance as an alternative to the skins input.

Select a skin from the list on the right that you wish to win. You can choose how the upgrade turns out by pressing the “Roll under” or “Rollover” buttons.

The enhanced item shows up in your inventory if you win. In a failure, you forfeit your input balance and skins.

How do you get free case level on DatDrop?

With each new level, you can get a new free case. You can open a free case with a drop that costs more as your level goes up. Here is a list of levels and how they affect each other:

  • Level 1 – 3 $
  • Level 2 – 25 $
  • Level 3 – 50 $
  • Level 4 – 75 $
  • Level 5 – 100 $


New players can benefit from a new player bonus when they sign up.

With the bonus you receive, you can explore the games available and possibly discover items you haven't seen before, which is a beautiful way to get comfortable on the website.

Additionally, website has already provided specific discounts to their current clients, so keep an eye out for those.

The most incredible tip we can give is to keep an eye out on all channels for them because they appear irregular and happen at random but will be publicized on the website and social media.

You only need to log into your Steam account to register for the platform. You must deposit once your account has been validated (use the promo code “BETS”).

When your account is balanced, you can begin opening chests and taking advantage of the various game modes.


Weakest point is definitely in the area of customer service. They don't have a live chat or ticket system, and the only way to get in touch with them is by email ( We received our response rather quickly, and most people similarly report doing so within a few hours. Even though the user interface is simple, this is not how customer service on a gambling website should appear.

The key benefits of DatDrop are:

Check out a few of this cashback service's primary benefits below:

  • With a decent selection of crates, the price range is broad and fits the needs of all users.
  • The website frequently runs deals and gives its users a ton of free boxes.
  • The website is accessible in ten languages to make life easier for the international population, which is steadily rising.

Is Datdrop good?

On this CS:GO skins and cryptocurrency gambling website, you can take part in epic battles and CS:GO open cases. This website is completely genuine and reliable, and its fairness can be verified.

How do I withdraw skins on DatDrop?

You can take things out of your DatDrop inventory in one of the following ways:

  1. Take out as many CS:GO skins as the value of the items in your DatDrop inventory, and send them straight to your Steam account.
  2. Transfer the amount of Ethereum or Litecoin that your DatDrop inventory items are worth to a CS:GO marketplace (such as WaxPeer, Bitskins, TradeIt, Skinport, LootBear, etc.) and buy any CS:GO skins you want to transfer to your Steam account.