Economy management in CSGO

Economy management in CSGO

Economy management is a very important part of the game. From the first round itself, the economy can decide the game. If you keep getting reset in every full buy round, you might loss the game 16-3 or 16-1 even. Most of the games where teams lose 16-3, they keep getting reset after winning every full buy rounds, which forces them to eco two rounds and then lose the follow up round again due to which your economy will be weak and you will be unable to do the full buys and get the AWP regularly.

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The CSGO economy provides $800 to each team on the game start which is used up in the first round known as Pistol round. Winning the pistol round is very advantageous as it gives you the foundation to win the following two rounds as the CT side economy will be too weak to have a good buy until round number 4 and vice versa. The 4th round is very important as if you've won the previous three rounds, you've the chance to build up your economy upon that. However, if you lose the 4th round after winning previous three rounds. You still have good economy to get the full buys out with the AWP. The 4th round upon 3-0 up is known as the bonus round as you don't have to invest too much with good economy already built up.

On the other hand, if you've lost pistol and the following two rounds, 4th round is important and if you win the 4th round, the 5th round is even more important. If you win the first round on your respective side and lose the followup round, your economy gets reseted, once reset, you get $1400 and you are totally broke. If you are able to stich some rounds, try to kill the other team as it will weaken their economy.

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CSGO Betting Sites

If your economy is in the $3000-$4000 range, you should either force buy if you know the opposition has a weak economy or you should pistol armor if you have good enough pistol skills. Deagle is the go to weapon in these rounds as it has the one shot headshot kill, hence you've the most chance to get the kills. Even if you don't tend to win the round, you should try to kill the opponents and save some guns for the following round.

You should track how many opponents are killed every round as it will give you a rough idea how much money they might have for the next round. If two players survived in the last round, they must have to drop guns for their team mates. Also, they will not have the AWP for the following round.

The prize for winnig the round are as following first round loss money is $1400, second round is $1900, third round is $2400 and maximum loss is $3400.

Using SMG in anti-eco rounds, where you know the opposition is on the eco, you can farm $600 on each kill.


Keep the track of how many players died, try to save guns, play with pistol armor with medium economy. GLHF!

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