Buying-skins-vs-opening-casesWhether you’re looking to invest in the CS:GO economy or you’re looking to just pick up some nice skins for in-game use, everyone wants to get the best deal on skins and know exactly where to by CS:GO skins. Obviously if you’re here you want to know how to get the best deals on skins, and I’ve got you covered. Hopefully you haven’t fallen into mass-opening cases quite yet (those are more for entertainment value), but if you’re feeling cheated so far, have no fear. I guarantee that this guide will get you the best deal on skins, whether you’re looking to invest $10 or $500.

I’ve used all of these methods of trading/buying, and using these methods can yield considerable profits. Or the sickest inventories! Whichever you prefer. I’m gonna cover the basics of your two biggest options, and then explain when and how to use each one most effectively. Get ready, because this guide will completely change the way you look at skins.

PRIMERO: El mercado comunitario de Steam


El Mercado de la Comunidad de Steam, al que la mayoría de la gente llama simplemente Mercado de la Comunidad, es donde tiene lugar la mayor parte de las compras y ventas. El Mercado de la Comunidad permite a los jugadores publicar el precio de su skin, y reciben el dinero que se les paga (menos una comisión de 15%, 10% para CS:GO y 5% para Steam).

¿Cómo son los precios?

The “price” of each skin is generally taken from the median of the last 10 sales of the skin. These skins are bought with your steam wallet, or steam credit. I would recommend buying skins off the steam market only if you’re only intending to buy some cheap, good-looking skins.

¿Y qué hay de la compra? ¿Fácil?

It’s super easy to buy skins on the steam market! You can buy a pre-paid steam card (which has $20, $50, or $100 of steam credit) or use a credit card, and after adding the credit to your account you can buy directly from the market. This is good for buying low-tier (below $2) skins, and with $10 you can completely deck out your inventory.

Buttttt…… There’s a Catch!

Untradable-itemThe downside of buying off of the Community Market is that you’re paying Market price, which is usually the highest price, and your skins will not be eligible for trading for one week. Yes, you read that correctly. Currently Valve and thereby steam are not encouraging the buying and selling of skins and full time pleasure, so they are not looking at changing this restriction anytime soon. However, this is okay if you’re holding onto your skins for a while, but if you’re looking to buy and sell quickly then the Community Market is not the place to do it.

La mejor manera de comprar skins para CS:GO

Opskins-logoThe cheapest way to buy sick skins is off of OPSkins. For anyone looking to buy into the CS:GO scene, this is the way to do it. OPSkins is a site that allows for players to list their weapons for sale and allows other players to buy them. This results in a vibrant marketplace of its own, and also a trader’s paradise as this is where to buy CS:GO skins.

¿Qué es lo que me hace vibrar con esta opción?

Aparte del mercado comunitario, OPSkins es popular por varias razones:

  1. OPSkins sólo cobra 10% de comisión:
    • En comparación con el Mercado Comunitario, 5% puede parecer poco, pero cuando se compra y se vende todos los días, ¡puede sumar! Además, puedes ampliar tu cuenta por $6 y reducir la comisión a 5%, lo que conlleva ventajas adicionales como aparecer en la página principal y otras.
  2. ¡Puedes intercambiar tus pieles al instante!
    • Forget about Steam restrictions, everything bought off of OPSkins can be instantly traded away! This is because OPSkins operates through secure bots, which allows avid traders to buy and sell at a moment’s notice, while casual traders don’t have to worry about losing their skins. OPSkins also has great customer support and have gotten their jobs down to a science, so you never have to worry about messing up a bot transaction and losing your skins.
  3. ¡¡Puedes cobrar directamente desde OPSkins!!
    • Some people buy and trade skins to look cool, but you’re bound to want to cash out some day, probably later rather than sooner. Another reason OPSkins takes the cake is that it allows you to cash out your skins for Paypal. That’s right, you don’t have to deal with sketchy middle men or risk getting scammed, because they’ve got you covered! By requesting to turn your Operation Points (which are directly equivalent to USD) into Paypal, you are able to cash out all your sales directly from OPSkins. But keep in mind Paypal will take their slice of the pie along the way to your account (under 5% though).

But if this is true, why doesn’t everyone use OPSkins?

OPSkins no es la fuente predominante de comercio de CS:GO porque:

  • Se introdujo después del mercado,
  • Se requiere tener una cuenta de Paypal para poder depositar la Operación Punto,
  • Las pieles baratas no suelen venderse por mucho más de 10% por debajo del precio de mercado,
  • Y las transacciones en el Mercado Comunitario sólo requieren un clic (con una gran cantidad de fraude en el mercado, OPSkins maneja manualmente gran parte del proceso de transacción).


Así que para alguien que se esté acostumbrando a intercambiar sus skins, OPSkins puede parecer un poco abrumador.

Mis tres sencillos pasos para sacar el máximo partido a su dinero

To re-cap: if you’re looking to deck out your inventory for less than $20, go with the Community Market. But to those of you who drive a hard bargain, I’m about to show you how to get the most bang for your buck in 3 easy steps.

  1. Añade la extensión OPDeals a tu navegador Chrome


Hazlo. Calcula qué porcentaje de cada arma está en oferta, y le da un borde de acuerdo a qué porcentaje está en oferta. Abajo hay una captura de pantalla de mi OPSkins con la superposición de OPDeals, y como puedes ver es increíblemente útil. (2699 OP = $26.99)

  1. ¡Encuentra grandes ofertas en pieles!

Estas pieles pueden ser tanto las que te gustan como las que están más rebajadas. Cualquier cosa que esté por encima de 30% de descuento es una buena oferta, y estos porcentajes se calculan en comparación con el Precio de Mercado ACTUAL. En mi experiencia, puedes comprobar cada arma individualmente para ver qué pieles están a la venta, o puedes pulsar "browse" y te mostrará los listados más recientes.

OpdealsAs you can see above I have my OPDeals color coated to show red for anything below 30% Market price. Remember to be quick in order to snag those amazing deals!

  1. ¡¡¡¡PROFIT!!!!

Now that you’ve picked up your skins from OPSkins, you can either keep the skins that you got sweet deals on or you can instantly sell these on the Community Market for profit. Keep in mind that in order to make a profit on the market, these skins have to be bought at >15% on sale, since Steam takes 15% commission.

Say you just bought a $100 skin for 35% off OPSkins, and then sold it for face value on the Community Market. After Steam commission, you’ve just turned $65 of your money into $85 worth of steam credit, aka INSTANT $20 PROFIT!

Walter-whiteThis method of turning $65 of Paypal into $85 worth of Steam credit allows you to get the most bang for your buck, and it is not very complicated at all. This is the most efficient way to spend your money, especially if you’re looking to pick up some nice low to mid-tier skins while also being able to freely invest in whatever weapons you choose. As to how you can make a profit between these two sites is another guide for another time, but hopefully this guide taught you everything you need to know about where to buy CS:GO skins. Y la próxima vez que te aferres al 3v1, asegúrate de hacerlo con estilo. ¡Paz fuera!