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This is another relatively old site, operating since 2016. There are no significant features in terms of roulette, and Gamdom has several other games. It’s also notable for having slots & casino section, as well as esports and regular sports betting. The site offers an array of cryptocurrencies that can be used to deposit an account, along with fiat currencies. A part of those cryptocoins are also available for withdrawing.

An active gambling license, provably fair gaming, and a solid SSL-encryption make it one of the safest places to indulge in these fun activities. With CS GO roulette free coins awarded to new users and enough luck, you can start playing with no money at all.

Finally, Gamdom has extensive autobetting features. You can even adjust them to follow some common strategies without fearing you will lose all your money that way.



Gamdom offers daily rewards based on players’ level, which can be increased by betting on the site and is measured in XP. Experience gain can be increased with the Name Promotion. In order to get your daily reward each and every day you have to bet a certain amount daily as well. In case you have no credits on the site the money to get the daily goal achieved can be earned by being active in the chat or from the RainBot.

The RainBot is a very unique thing I have only seen on Gamdom, basically, some of the owners plus some of the more wealthier users dump money in a pot and every 2-28 minutes this pot will be given out to all users active in the chat.

Overall gamdom has 3 good gamemodes, where the website has a smooth animation on each gamemode.


Gamdom is one of the csgo gambling pioneers whose presence can’t be unnoticed. Gamdom is a well-known brand with solid reputation, big customer base and enormous trust. It is a hybrid online casino, meanining apart from crypto you can also make a deposits in EUR, USD and csgo skins.