GG.BET – ESPORTS BETTING | IEM KATOWICE Special Offer - Esports Betting Bonus Code

GG.BET provides:

  • The best odds.
  • An enormous selection of markets.
  • Enhanced personal limits for every user.

On all IEM Katowice 2022 matches, wager insurance up to 40 EUR is offered, along with a cash-out option for all bets, to allow you to enjoy the game without worrying about the outcome.

GG.BET's Counter-Strike area offers pre-match betting on custom markets. You might wager on outcomes such as S1mple receiving an ACE, Boombl4 having a K/D ratio greater than 1, or the proportion of headshots used in B1kills. You can also wager on the outcome of the competition, such as how many knives kill S1mple will record, whether a NAVI player will purchase the M249, whether Perfecto will triumph in a one vs. 34 clutch and other things.

You can also wager on specific player statistics, including total kills, deaths, and more, in the Counter-Strike section. You can place bets in the same section on comparisons of the performances of players from various teams, such as who will prevail in the most duels.

Quick markets are accessible for the first kill, total kills, whether a player will put a bomb, and entire team kills for each round in the Live area. For each game, ggbet will update these markets.

The player must: obtain the initial bundle up.

Go to GG.BET and log in or register.

2. Visit the website for the beginning kit.

3. Select “Activate” from the menu.

4. Type “KATOWICE” as the code.

After that, you can place limitless bets on IEM KATOWICE 2022 games.

Players will access this package of unique offers and bonuses for wagers on tournament games from February 14 to February 27. These offers range from high odds to bet insurance of up to 40 EUR.