How does Hellcase case battle works?

Imagine that you have a friend that challenged you into case opening at Hellcase – pretty common, winner is the person who opens the most valuable skins. But opening the cases at your own screen without your seeing what is your friend getting isn’t exactly the most exciting thing ever. Hellcase did come out with a solution and that solution is called Case Battle. Rules are cruel – you are about to challenge your friend or any other person whos recently playing on Hellcase and the winner takes all. Did you opened a knife but you lost the whole case battle? You are gonna get nothing m8 ( actually even if you lose you are gonna get consolation prize but that’s nothing compared to full loot )!

After you join in case battle, you both – you and your friend open the exact same case. Winner of the whole pot is the user with the most value in the case and taking BOTH of the items that were opened in a case battle. You can compare it to the coin toss game where you betting on head / tail and the winner take all.

Sadly Hellcase Case battle game is available only for Hellcase Premium users but we hope this restriction gonna be lifted in future.

What is Hellcase Premium and how much it costs?

By joining the Hellcase premium club you will be rewarded with some extra features that the casual users don’t have an access to.

  • You will get access to Hellcase Case Battle Game
  • Also you will get special icon close to your name and your premium status will show every time on live drop feed.
  • Wanna get more money off your deposits? With Hellcase premium membership you will get extra 1% on any deposit you are about to make.
  • Also if you wanna refer your friends you will get 1% extra from their deposits.
  • And the last feature you are about to get is access to a unique set of Hellcase premium cases.

How much it costs? Only $5 per month. I can imagine this thing can be worth only because of that 1% deposit bonus because if you are a huge depositor like me and depositing over $1000 or more you will get $10 extra with the premium membership with is 1% out of $1000 deposit. For the rest of the users it might be worth just for the case battle game.