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Dapatkan CSGO kulit dengan menulis bagi kita!!

Anda pikir Anda dapat menulis? Pernah berpikir untuk mendapatkan kulit dengan menulis artikel untuk kita, baik di sini adalah kesempatan Anda!

CSGOBETCLICK menyediakan Anda semua dengan kesempatan! If you think you’re a decent writer and possess the skills to convey your thoughts and promote our website on other platforms then here’s your chance, go through the entire post to know more.

Advertising Requirements :

1.Keep in mind, your primary goal is ‘positive and good promotion’, use topics such as get free skins, working promo codes, best affiliate platform etc.
2.The article should not be plagiarized / copied from other sources ( we will take measures to confirm the authenticity)
3.At least 50 words/1 images required (if possible).
4.Post it on platforms such as Steam community, Quora, Telegra.ph, Reddit or local forum, CSGOBET url in Youtube videos etc.

Submission Instructions :

1. After completion, simply fill out the google form.

Please note that we will check all the responses, spamming will not help at all, rather it’ll hinder the whole verification process.

Selection criteria & Rewards akan didasarkan pada:

1. Traffic gained and user interactions (seperti upvotes, komentar, suka dll)
2. Content of the article.
3. kualitas bahasa.


sehari 3-5 artikel akan dijemput dan penulis mereka akan dihargai. Begitu, mari kita bekerja!