Identifying scammers and legit traders

Identifying scammers and legit traders.

In the trading world these days the event of scamming has seen new heights. From betting site scams to rigged websites false advertisment. The most common mode of scamming is through messages and false links.

Identifying scammers and legit traders

To check a fake profile, check the friend list and comments on the profile. If you find any negitive comments or even if you feel that he's not legit, stop the trade, unfriend, block and end it. A legit trader would never want you to use any third party website to check item value or tell you to open any trade links with http instead of https in the url.

A legit trader always know the right price of the items you're trading. He won't lowball you, means give you items worth less amount as compared to your item, or tell you to use any other sort of payment unless you're on some trading group with vouch and rep system.

The scammer always offers more amount, remember this. He'll be eager to trade his karambit doppler for your 20-25$ skins saying it has a very good float value or similar unnecessary points. Beaware of this, never fall for this trap, control your greed. You need to realize this is a scam. Alot of players fall for this in the hope of getting 200$ knife for their 20$ worth of skin.

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Identifying scammers and legit traders – CSGO Gambling Sites

In any vouch or rep system trading, never go first unless his vouchers are more reputable or trusted as of yours. The legit trader wouldn't hesitate to show his vouches. The fake one's give the excuse of something like: “I'm the admin of this trading group” and similar stuff. Do not fall for this, they will pressure you if you're a new trader but do not forget that your stuff will sell someday and someone will surely buy it. If you're being forced into buying or selling any skin under influence, deny it. Do not trade, better to provide screenshots of those fake trade's chat to more experienced member of those community.

The next type of scams are the gambling sites and betting sites that are made to scam you. These sites are rigged and will only make you lose your items one after another and so on. They provide you good skins and while withdrawing, they will ask you to deposit 5 dollar skin and so on. Which when you deposit, they'll reset your account and keep the trade. Only trust the legit websites which have https in the url, you can refer to our list of gambling sites, all the sites mentioned on are safe to play on!

Never be greedy in trading or gambling. The day your greed takes over your senses, you'll lose everything you might have built up from the get go. Gamble and trade responsibly. Do not scam, nor let others do the same. Help other warn about these basic scams so they do not fall for such things as well. Happy trading/gambling.

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