CS:GO Gambling: How Much Profit Can You Make?

Over the years, there has been a raging debate within the gaming community as to whether CS:GO has lost its halo effect, with most people arguing that the game has lost favor with players. If you take a casual browse of the internet, you will come across countless Reddit forums, Quora posts, and threads within the gaming community debating whether CS:GO is dead or not. And although this is still an ongoing debate, one thing is pretty clear– CS:GO isn’t going anywhere soon.

In fact, a 2020 report by Statista indicates that the average number of CS:GO players per month is 24 million, with the game clocking over million concurrent players in January 2021. On the one hand, this indifferent lot of players has mastered their gaming skills, intending to participate in the highly-acclaimed CS competitions. On the other hand, there are raving fans who choose to cheer their favorite teams on while predicting results and making bets.

But what is the potential income for CS:GO gamblers?

In this article, we are going to look at the potential profit you can make as a CS:GO gambler. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the different types of CS:GO gambling games you can wager on.

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Top 6 CS:GO Gambling Games

There are six major forms of skin gambling that you will come across in CS:GO gambling sites. They include;

CS:GO Cases

Case opening service is one of the best ways that you can earn in CS:GO. If you have enough money, Valve occasionally drops new cases, and if you are lucky to bump into a rare item, your funds could multiply significantly.

With the average price of expensive cases ranging between $50 and $100, you need a significant initial deposit amount before you start realizing a return on your investment.

CS:GO Roulette

Another major way to earn a profit in CS:GO is Roulette. It is by far the most common option in the online CS:GO skin betting community. And with a reason. For starters, it doesn’t have a steep learning curve, allowing you to easily make a profit. It simply works under a very basic concept, whereby you get to wager on the colors that show up. In terms of the odds distribution, there is a 49.5% wager on either Black or Red with every roll, while the Green tile has a wager of 1%.

If you choose to wager on the higher odd tiles, your odds instantaneously doubles. While on the other hand, wagering on the green tile is akin to hitting the jackpot as your wager amount is multiplied 14 times. If you are good at correctly predicting the rolls based on the previous outcomes, you have a higher chance of coming out ahead with Roulette. 

Along with that, Roulette is one of the few games within the CS:GO realm that gives you an edge over other players without requiring a huge bankroll.

CS:GO Coin Flip

At number three is the infamous coin flip. Just like Roulette, it is purely a 50/50 win or loss game, plus it also factors out the 1% for the Green. Still, coin flip also comes in player vs player mode, whereby two players wager an equal amount hoping the coin flips favors either of them.

One of the reasons why Coin Flip is favored by many players is the fact that it solely depends on luck, meaning you don’t need any prediction skills. As such, if you are lucky enough, you can instantly double your money. Still, it doesn’t require a huge investment, making it ideal for beginners.

CS:GO Jackpot

Hitting the Jackpot is yet another form of CS:GO gambling. Unlike the above-mentioned betting games, Jackpot requires you to have some form of skills to play. You simply need to have a relatively huge initial investment and a bit of luck to play and win. In terms of skills, you need to have a practical system in place that helps you to recognize when it’s time to let luck take precedence over adding more money to the pot.

Jackpots work by players collectively wagering on a pot, with each of them individually receiving a percentage allocation representing their possibility of winning the whole pot amount. Basically, the higher wager you put in the collective pot, the higher your chances of hitting the Jackpot. And although winning a Jackpot boils down to the roll landing on your marker, you also need to know when to stop adding more money into the pot and let luck handle the rest.

This form of CS:GO skin gambling is ideal if you have a sizable bankroll and are looking to bet in the long-haul. And although you aren’t guaranteed of doubling your investment on every play, you can increase your odds by out-betting everyone else every time.

CS:GO Match Betting

Match betting is easily one of the biggest forms of CS:GO skin gambling. It has been available since the dawn of CS:GO wagering, and many gamblers have benefitted from it. With that said, match betting is not only time consuming but also entails an insane amount of skill in researching your favorite team and the one they are playing against.

And just like other games, match betting also requires a little bit of luck because correctly predicting a win takes much more than researching the teams and having in-depth knowledge of their professional records. Hundreds of players have become rich through match betting because, occasionally, small teams with world-class players have emerged from the blues and scored big wins.

Match betting has a reputation of favoring players with a knack to wager on underdogs after conducting meticulous and comprehensive research, as such teams have great odds.

CS:GO Crash

The last skin gambling form we will talk about is Crash.  Ideal for hi-lo casino fans, Crash requires you to have great prediction skills, compounded with a bit of luck. It involves predicting an outcome after a predetermined bet placement period. 

Similar to the Bollinger band in stock exchanges, you need to pick trends, establish a pattern, and place bets at a time you feel there is a high probability of winning. As indicated above, some bit of luck is involved when playing Crash. However, it’s hard to correctly predict an outcome, especially when an algorithm is involved. 

The good thing about Crash is that you don’t need a huge initial investment, and if you are good at predicting outcomes, you can easily multiply your money in a fairly short period. 

Now that we have seen the betting opportunities in CS:GO, let’s deal with the elephant in the room.

How Much Do CS:GO Gamblers Make?

A recent report by Flashpoint showed that CS:GO issued over $11 million across 406 tournaments in 2020, with Flashpoint taking the largest chunk with $2 million. During the same year, an average CS:GO tournament prize pool was $27,086, which makes it one of the best years for CS:GO tournament players.

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Source: Narusadvisors.com

In terms of the skin gambling market size, it’s hard to find the real figures. However, Eilers & Krejcik, which is one of the leading gaming industry research and consulting firms, throws a conservative estimate of $7 billion annually. A different report published by Casino.org in 2016, on the other hand, showed that over $5 billion was wagered on skins. Of this amount, 40% went to esports matches, with $3 billion flowing through CS:GO gambling websites.

On a personal level, the winning potential is pegged on the odd distribution of the game. Let’s illustrate this with Roulette as an example:

Assuming there are two teams A and B with 2.11 and 1.81 odds respectively. 

By wagering $100 on Team A, your return will be: $100 x 2.11 = $211. 

By wagering $100 on team B, your return will be: $100 x 1.81 = $1810.

In these two scenarios, Team B is the clear favorite as they’re offering lower odds. In other words, their implied probability is 55%, meaning they’re more likely to win.

And although it is hard to give a conclusive figure as to the amount you can make, the above illustration is a good measuring yardstick with Roulette as the guinea pig. Needless to say, some CS:GO websites do also charge up to 5% on winnings, so you shouldn’t forget to factor in the cost.

Final Thoughts

Gambling has been in existence since medieval times. Throughout the long transitioning journey, every generation has always preferred to gamble differently, and the emergence of CS:GO skin betting underlines this point. However, just like any other form of gambling/betting, CS:GO skin gambling has had its fair share of challenges, key among them being tight regulations from governments.

With the industry constantly looking for innovative skin betting solutions that resonate with esports fans, the growth of this industry can only continue to grow. And for the players, this continued growth will continue to present better opportunities to make an extra buck.