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What is Key-Drop?

Key-Drop is a case opening site for anyone who likes opening cases with random items. It works for CS:GO crates, and also for any other crates that can be opened with random items.

In addition to the game crates with weapons that are common from the multiplayer shooter, CS:GO, we will be able to open game crates in which we will find the keys for the titles on Steam.

You can get a daily bonus for playing CS:GO each time you open a case. The more cases you open, the more bonuses you can receive each day. Events on the main page are where you can find the various events, which will give you more chances to get additional coins for playing CS:GO, which you can exchange for additional cases.

Key-Drop is the number one place for betting on sports, and you can find their live feed by going to the top of the page. Key-Drop doesn’t allow users under 18 years old.



Is Key-Drop Legit?

Is Key-Drop Legit? Key-Drop.com is one of the most reliable websites to invest with. It’s been online since 2018 and has some crazy numbers: 92 million cases opened, 34 million upgrades, 72k contracts, 4.8 million users, and an average of 12-18k players online, and 5 million visitors per month.

Key-Drop has been an active marketplace for years. We have never had any complaints about Key-Drop. However, if you do find out about some sort of scam, please let us know.