Moon3D – Crypto Crash game using Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more.

Moon3d Review

The goal of Moon3D is clear: place a bet before each round to fuel your rocket with Ether (mETH), and then cash out before the rocket crashes to win your bet times the multiplier. But you should know that the missile could hit at any time, so if you don't cash out before it does, you lose your bet.

The multiplier can go as high as it wants to. But if the house loses more than 3% of the bankroll during a game, the server will automatically cut all players' winnings by the same amount. At the top of the game, you can see how much you can make in one round.

The top three players, called “Captains,” who stay in the round the longest before it crashes also get a bonus. Do you play it safe and cash out when your original bet is worth 1.1 times what you put in, or do you go for the 100,000x multiplier?

Safety and fairness

In Moon3D, each round's crash point is chosen randomly by a hash chain whose seed was selected randomly. No one can change the hash chain or the crash points once they are made. By putting in any game hash here, you can check that each random crash point is part of the Moon3D hash chain.

Regarding security, players are told to contact site administrators immediately if they find a bug on the Moon3D website. Moon3D will give you a payment that is based on how nasty the bug is.

Edge of House

The house edge in Moon3D can be anywhere from -3% to 3%, depending on how the game is played. However, the average house edge comes out to be about 1.5% when the game is modelled.

The site also says that a lot of money is used to help pay for their referral and bonus programs, which some players can use to lower the house edge to as low as 0%.


At Moon3D, all player balances are shown in Ethereum's ETH or mETH. Milli and micro each stand for one thousandth and one millionth. One ETH equals one thousand milli-ETH, which is written as mETH. The minimum bet in Moon3D is one mETH, and the maximum is 3,000 mETH.

When sending or receiving money from or to Moon3D, you can only use wallet addresses that are real and under your name. If you don't, your banking could be delayed, or your account could be closed.

Also, you can't send money from your account to someone else's account or vice versa. Buying, selling, or transferring user accounts is also not allowed and can lead to the cancellation of all accounts involved.


Moon3D lets players make deposits with more than 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Dogecoin, Monero, Binance Coin, and even stablecoins. On the deposit page, you'll need to move tokens to the correct wallet before you can play.

Please check twice if you send the correct tokens to your deposit account. Send Ethereum to your deposit address for Ethereum, EOS to your deposit address for EOS, and so on. If you send the wrong tokens to the incorrect deposit address, you might lose those tokens for good, and Moon3D won't be able to help you get them back.

After a reasonable number of confirmations from the network, Moon3D credits accounts right away. On average, you can expect to wait between 5 and 10 minutes. The addresses for making deposits will always work. Any money sent to these addresses will be added to your account automatically.

There is a small deposit fee (called “gas”), usually less than one mETH. Because of this, you might get 999 instead of 1,000. Moon3D plans to pay this fee at some point.

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