Most popular guns in competitive CS:GO right now – Weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive



Basically, the best weapons is counter strike global offensive are those being casually used by professional players. Professional players have tons of research about the game. Therefore, when they use a certain gun in a tournament, they had a lot of experiment with the gun: how it works, its recoil, its price, and convenience.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best weapons in counter strike global offensive. These are not the best weapons simply because of powerful burst or accurate shots and controllable recoil. It is simply the best players in the world use them. And the best players in the world are being adored, as other players will copy them.

Best Weapons for CS:GO market Shoppers: Ak-47

Ak-47 is a Russian gun with destructive fire power. However, its recoil is somewhat hard to manipulate. It has a maximum of 90 bullets with 30 bullets per magazine, sufficient enough to wipe a team with just one burst shot. That is if, you are good enough to control the powerful recoil of the gun, manipulating it freely.

The only team that has access to Ak-47 is terrorist team. According to the community of war fanatics, Ak-47 is cheaply built, it is economically friendly. As a result, terrorist use them, as they have limited budget.

Best Weapons for CS:GO market Shoppers: M4A4

M4A4 is the counterpart of ak-47. It has balanced firepower, and recoil. Ak-47 has higher damage per second than M4A4. However, M4A4 is more accurate, and lighter than ak-47, which provides more movement speed.

It also has 120 bullets maximum, 90 extra bullets, a total of 3 magazines, 30 bullets per magazine.

Best Weapons for CS:GO market Shoppers: AWP

AWP is the most powerful weapon in counter strike global offensive, if the player is good enough. Wherein, in tournaments, players are often trained themselves with the use of AWP.

AWP is capable of killing an avatar instantly. However, it has the highest recoil on the game.

Due to its capability to instantly kill an avatar, the developers of counter strike global offensive nerfed it, reducing its reward money upon killing someone.

worst primary weapon.

RankWeapon NameDamageArmor PenMagazine CapacityRate of fireReload timePriceReward
1AWP11597.5%10/3041 RPM3.6 seconds$4750$100
2*SCAR-208082.5%20/90240 RPM3.1 seconds$5000$300
3*G3SG18082.5%20/90240 RPM4.7 seconds$5000$300
4*Negev3575%150/2001000 RPM5.7 seconds$5700$300
5*M2493280%100/200750 RPM5.7 seconds$5200$300
6*SG 55330100%30/90666 RPM2.8 seconds$3000$300
7AK-473677.5%30/90600 RPM2.5 seconds$2700$300
8M4A43370%30/90666 RPM3.1 seconds$3100$300
9M4A1-S3370%20/40666 RPM3.1 seconds$3200$300
10*AUG2890%30/90666 RPM3.8 seconds$3300$300
11Galil AR3077.5%35/90666 RPM3.0 seconds$2000$300
12Famas3070%25/90666 RPM3.3 seconds$2250$300
13^P902669%50/100857 RPM3.3 seconds$2350$300
14SSG 088885%10/9048 RPM3.7 seconds$1700$300
15Mag-724075%5/3271 RPM2.4 seconds$1800$900
16UMP-453565%25/100666 RPM3.5 seconds$1200$600
17*XM101412080%7/32240 RPM4.5 seconds$2000$900
18*PP-Bizon2757.5%64/120750 RPM2.4 seconds$1400$600
19*Nova24350%8/3268 RPM5.6 seconds$1200$900
20*MP72962.5%30/120800 RPM3.1 seconds$1700$600
21*Mac 102957.5%30/100800 RPM2.6 seconds$1050$600
22*MP92660%30/120857 RPM2.1 seconds$1250$600
23*Sawed-Off25675%7/3271 RPM5.0 seconds$1200$900