Hvordan kommunisere i et konkurranseutsatt spill – Den riktige måten!!

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Hvordan kommunisere i et konkurranseutsatt spill – Den riktige måten!!

I Counter-Strike, kommunikasjon er en svært viktig del av spillet. det være seg 1.6 eller Source eller den allmektige Global Offensive, uten å kommunisere med dine lagkamerater riktig, det er som en funksjonshemmet person med en pistol på battlefeild. Hvis du spille uten mic eller tale deaktivert, you’re missing out on a very special opportunity to enjoy this game.

Hvordan kommunisere i et konkurranseutsatt spill

It is true that sometime, you get really bad and cancerous teammates. Well it’s not your fault but still atleast you can give calls of enemies and what you think should do to get a round in your team’s favour.

Communication is as important as aiming or clutching because without perfect callouts, your teammates can’t even aim to the enemy’s position you knew or clutch the round accordingly. Well alot of peoples try but can’t callout properly, even the pros.

But there’s a path to follow for the perfect callouts which we are going to explain in the remaining article, stick with us.

Important factors to keep in mind while giving out calls

Først av alt, you need to get your shit together and stop joking or trolling around if you’re not playing in a full lobby with your friends, that is another case. But joking or trolling in a solo queued game is really unprofessional and will not help you win the game. Så, you need to be serious while playing solo for the rank. Or if you’re really bored and want to record some trolling videos, do it in casual servers not matchmakings, period.

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Hvordan kommunisere i et konkurranseutsatt spill – Den riktige måten!!

Second most important thing is to know all the name of the places on the maps. It will be hard if you’re new to the game. Play only one or two maps to start with, continue playing on them until you master the callouts perfectly. Også, there’s a way to call the location, it’s not like you tell your teammates that the enemy is on B site cache and they will know the exact position. NO. You need to call perfectly how many are on which location on that site or place. For eksempel, det er 3 people rushing B site on cache which you were defending alone, you killed one of them and the remmaining two entered the site and planted the bomb for B-main. You know that one remained in the checkers and one on B site. You call you teammates like: “One B site planting for B mian another checkers probably behind boxes”. This will help your teammates to expect the positions of the enemies and retake the site successfully.

Third of all, never over-confidently call any places which you have no idea about, doing so may get your teammate killed and cost your team the round. Only call for the locations you know the enemies are. False calling positions for trolling or proving your game-sense is your main downfall. Let them play if you don’t know the positions, de må ha spilt spillet også. De kan gjøre det. Falske ringer kan redusere sjansene for clutchen som var ment å bli gjort ett hundre prosent.


Konklusjon: Enten bildeforklaring perfekt som forklart ovenfor eller ikke ringe i det hele tatt. Uansett vil det være en stor sjanse for laget ditt til å vinne runden.

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