Perfect Setup for your CSGO needs!

The perfect equipments for the perfect gameplay.

There are people who thinks, the more you spend on the gears, the better you will be. But it's not true, not at all. There are tons of globals and SMFCs who play with a minimal setup without those flashy RGB lighting. What's the secret of it?

Let me tell you, the perfect setup. You don't need a 500$ mouse or 600$ keyboard to be and clutch like flusha, nope. All you need is a 50$ mouse and 60$ keyboard. If you've some extra cash lying around, throw in a 144Hz monitor. Why? I'll explain. Just stick with us.

The perfect equipments for the perfect gameplay

Mouse –

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There are a lot of mouse in the market today ranging from 5$ to 500$. But neither you need to go cheap nor all ins for a mouse. A mid range good sensored mouse will do the job. You need to aim for a good sensor like Steelseries Rivals 95 was a good sensored mouse but in 2012 or so. Now there's a lot more options. Anything with 3-4 DPI settings and refresh rate will do the job. The secret to a perfect sensivity comes from the eDPI itself. What is eDPI? Its the DPI multiplied by ingame sensitivity. It is known that the eDPI of 1000 is the most perfect DPI for gamers. Although average professional CSGO player's eDPI is 979. It is due to the fact that AWPers need a slightly low eDPI to hit perfect shots and Riflers need to have a little bit higher for the quick reflex actions.

Keyboard –

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Now comes the keyboard. There's the memberane keyboards and the mechanical keyboards. Most prefers the latter one due to the good response and great build quality.

Playing with mechanical keyboard is what we suggest as you know when pressing the key whether its pressed or not. You've that response in the mechanical keyboard which membarane keyboard lacks. Keyboards having Cherry MX Red switches are best for gaming as they have the lowest response rate and good feel of response in it. A good built mechanical keyboard worth around 60-80$.

Monitor –

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Now comes the thing that seperates casual gamers from hardcore gamers. A 144Hz monitor does leave an impact on you as the frames which are displayed are higher, i.e., 144 frames per second. Well, I know your part of debate is the old but gold “eye can see only 60 FPS” but it still matters, believe me. When you can see 144 FPS on a screen instead of 60 FPS there's an advantage of holding angles. On 60 FPS screen, you will see the peek very fast while on 144 FPS screen you will see the peek relativitly slow which gives you an advantage of killing him first instead of him killing you first.

Conclusion –

So, you don't need 10 million dollar setup to beat flusha. He'll beat on even on a raspberry pi3. You need the perfect setup for your gameplay. Make the right choices and you'll be

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