4 Quick Mental Tips for Improving in 2022

Tip 1: Stay Focused

Although it's exciting to play a lot of games in a row, this strategy can backfire when you start losing.
If you find yourself playing on autopilot, it may be time for a break.

Tip 2: Don’t Tilt

“Tilting” is the quickest method to lose the game.
Tilting indicates an emotional response of anger or confusion.
When your adverse effects on your team members start to become more noticeable.
Also, when you're annoyed by your opponent or teammates, you stop concentrating on winning and start thinking about how to stop them.

If you feel yourself beginning to tilt, take a few deep breaths and focus on maintaining your composure.
Getting upset with your teammates will just make things worse for everyone.

Tip 3: Try Not to Be Frag Hungry

Having the man advantage (4v2, 3v1, etc.) is no excuse to go frag crazy, since your opponents will have more chances to win the round thanks to your increased vulnerability.
Even if you have a numerical edge, you shouldn't rush in blindly.
Always give some consideration to the consequences of your actions.

Tip 4: Time Management

Achieving Global Elite can take a while, especially if you don't strive to actively develop. If you don't, eventually your improvement will be so gradual that you won't be actively trying to get better.
When players exhaust themselves at that stage, they are likely to stop playing the game.

It can be equated to going to a regular physical activity training session to improve in Counter-Strike.
A person who runs 5 kilometers three times per week without having any sort of goal in mind will advance far more slowly than a person who runs 5 kilometers three times per week with a focused training schedule.


Most people don't consider the importance of having a positive mindset when playing.
You should make an effort to constantly be optimistic.
You will advance more quickly if you maintain concentrate and occasionally take pauses from the game rather than mindlessly playing games.
If you don't set aside some time to work on your skills, they will come very slowly.

Spamming games might be entertaining, but the more games you play consecutively, the more games you tend to lose.
If you find yourself playing your games on autopilot, taking a break can be a smart idea.

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