What is recoil in CSGO and how to control it?

Recoil/Spray and Pattern Control

Recoil is a gameplay mechanic in the Counter-Strike series. It is distinct from inaccuracy, but affects player’s aim and gameplay.

  1. Depending on the weapon, only the first 1-2 shots land perfectly where you aim. The next two shots follow a spray pattern that is fixed for each weapon plus from added randomness.

  2. The easiest way to learn about the spray pattern of your favourite weapon is to empty a whole magazine into a wall. All weapons go up (first 6-8 shots) and then left or right and back.

  3. You can compensate this recoil effect by moving your mouse in the opposite directionn of the spray pattern. This takes a lot of practice to get the timing and movement at several distances.

  4. In the beginning you should focus on controlling the first 6-8 shots that only go up.

  5. Recoil movement does not move the crosshair. However, shots affected by the recoil will deviate from the crosshair aim at an angle, causing the landing positions of the shots to deviate from the crosshair. If the crosshair has moved, the position in which shot will strike would move with crosshair.

  6. Inaccuracy adds a measure of randomness to the otherwise fixed recoil pattern. It is different for every weapon and is affected at least by the following factors:

  7. Running>Walking>Standing>Ducking

  8. Jumping

  9. Climbing ladders

  10. Number of shots fired/time

To recover recoil and spray control, here are some tips:

I recommend that you set up a local server and start training and practicing for yourself. Start a local server with bots and use. I personally recommend you to use the commands below to get started:

  1. sv_cheats 1

  2. sv­_infinite_ammo 2

  3. sv_showimpacts 1

What is recoil in CSGO and how to control it?


Now, How to compensate?

When you shoot, the bullets will end up above your crosshair depending on the spray pattern – this is because of recoil. What you want to do is compensate for the recoil, by moving your mouse down a little bit. Just by doing this, you have already improved your spray control a lot. I would say that if you play on lower ranks, you would not have to know the exact spray pattern. Knowing how much you need to move your mouse down for the first 10-15 bullets to land in the same spot, should really be enough. If your aim is to compete on a higher level, then learning the exact pattern and controlling it well might be something you should learn. Remember, each weapon has a different spray pattern and inaccuracy, so you would want to practice with the weapons you use the most – for most people this includes AK-47, M4A1 and maybe some of the pistols. Also, how much you need to compensate depends on the distance from your target.


The recoil pattern for the most common weapons is as follows :

What Is Recoil In Csgo And How To Control It? 2023 Csgobet

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