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BloodyCase – The Best Website for Case Openings

If all your interest lies in case openings, BloodyCase is simply the best website out there. Not only do you get a bonus code when using the referral link in this section, but you also get to keep what you win. You are not obligated to deposit anything! The design and response is outstanding, the variation of cases is awesome and finally you have a great chance of getting some nice items. Who doesn't want that?

Additional Bonuses

  • FIVE free cases
  • Bonus for email subscription
  • First balance bonus

One more thing, don't forget to check out the additional bonuses. BloodyCase is also the first case site where there will be NFTs. Sign up for the newsletter and become the first CSGO gamer in the new Meta universe WEB3.0


New players can benefit from a new player bonus when they sign up. With the bonus, you receive, you can explore the games available and possibly discover items you haven't seen before, which is a beautiful way to get comfortable on the website. Additionally, the website has already provided specific discounts to their current clients, so keep an eye out for those. The most incredible tip we can give is to keep an eye out on all channels for them because they appear irregular and happen at random but will be publicized on the website and social media.

You only need to log into your Steam account to register for the platform. You must deposit once your account has been validated (use the promo code “CSGOBET”). When your account is balanced, you can begin opening chests and taking advantage of the various game modes.

BloodyCase Mobile

In addition to the browser and desktop versions of the casino, BloodyCase also has a mobile version where loyal players can gamble on the go and use their phones to do things in the betting world. The mobile platform of the case opening is also well made, and all of the software providers for skin gambling have made sure that the games work well on mobile. The mobile version of BloodyCase works well for other players who want to bet anywhere. The mobile version is accessible for players with mobile browsers. The mobile experience might be a little different for people who like to keep an eye out for free spins, which are often given out on the desktop platform of BloodyCase.

BloodyCase Support

The weakest point is definitely in the area of customer service. They don't have a live chat or ticket system, and the only way to get in touch with them is by email ( We received our response rather quickly, and most people similarly report doing so within a few hours. Even though the user interface is simple, this is not how customer service on a gambling website should appear.

Key Benefits of BloodyCase

    • Decent selection of crates with a broad price range
    • Website frequently runs deals and gives its users a ton of free boxes
    • Website is accessible in ten languages


BloodyCase sells CS:GO skins and cases.
CS:GO is one of the most-played games of the 21st century. Once again, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the most popular game on Steam. It is a popular online shooter played by millions of people daily. It is also one of the most popular eSports in the world. Because of their popularity, people came up with the idea of putting CS:GO skins in cases that would make every player feel like a star.

What is a site for opening CS:GO cases?
Service from a third party saves you a lot of time. You don't have to wait days or months for the case you want to drop in the game. Instead, you can pay for it to open on the CSGO cases site. This way, you will get one of the cool things inside. How cool and expensive your skin is depending on chance. But no matter what, you'll have a lot of fun opening a CS:GO case.

How can I start a case in CSGO?
Using the CSGO case opening site is the easiest way to do this. In real life, you can get a beautiful thing right away without spending much time or money. is CSGO's most fun site for opening cases. We have many unique CS:GO weapon cases with the coolest skins. As soon as you add money to your account on the site, you can choose and open any of the best CSGO cases. You can get one of the best CS:GO skins from the many in a case. You can see a list of all the items in the CSGO case before you open it, but you don't know which one you'll get.

Which CS:GO case should you open first?
It depends mostly on how you like things and how much money you have. If you want a specific skin, you can see which case it is in ahead of time and then try to get it by cs go unboxing. Most of the time, the best CSGO skins for weapons are inside the most expensive cases. Most people use CSGO AK skins, so don't waste time and let yourself stand out!

Do cases need keys to be opened?
You don't need to buy extra keys to use the CS:GO opening case simulator. If you get a standard yellow case during the game, you will have to pay extra to get a unique key that will let you open it. But on our website, you can buy and open a case immediately without paying anything.

Which case will make the most money?
If you want to make money from the online CS:GO case opening, you need to keep an eye on the market and how much things are selling on trading floors. Choose skins you can sell for a good amount of money, and then look for the cases. We've already said that most of the time, the most expensive things are inside cases that cost more than average. But there is always a chance to win precious skin, even in a cheap case.

Which CS:GO case should you open in 2022?
We think the Diamond case is the most beautiful thing we have right now. Yes, it's costly, but it's well worth it. Just go inside. There are a lot of rare things inside. Here you can find both very nice knives and gloves that everyone wants. There are also several types of stunning game weapons made by designers. When CS GO opens, you can get any of these fantastic skins in just a few minutes.

How much does it cost CSGO to open a case?
It's free inside the game, but it's unclear how long you have to wait to get at least one. But you have nothing to worry about with our case-opening simulator CS:GO. To open a great case, you don't have to be rich. There are even cases that only cost a few dollars. There are also ones for a few hundred dollars. So it all depends on your budget, but every game fan will find something they like here.

You can buy CS:GO cases but can't sell them.
You can't sell a case but can sell items from it. How does it work? When you open a CS:GO case online, you randomly get one of the skins. After that, you can send it to your profile and use it in the game, or you can sell it. So, you can't sell the case, but you can always sell the skin.

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