Meanwhile, the CSGO gambling sector continues to expand. As is to be expected, the widespread awareness of Valve's smash hit video game has only grown over the past few years. Farmskins was one of the first CSGO gambling sites. The company excels in many categories, but its stellar portfolio, innovative products, and dedicated customer service stand out. In addition, there is no denying that Farmskins is not a hoax or a rip-off and that it works. Overall, intriguing details make a detailed inspection of the portfolio worthwhile.

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Farmskins is mobile-friendly.

The Farmskins mobile site is easy to use and quick to figure out. You won't have trouble finding your favourite csgo gambling games, which will load quickly on the screen.

The decision by Farmskins not to offer an external casino app was a good one. Thanks to the mobile website, visitors can easily manage their accounts and play their favourite games without having to download any extra software.

Our experience with Farmskins

Although the casino's website is only available in English and Russian so far, the operation and control is not complicated at all according to our Farmskins experience. Here, the users benefit from the appealing design, which ensures impeccable and simple navigation. The customer support, which is available in a separate live chat, is also really convincing. In case of questions or problems, a member of staff answers within seconds, which is of course proof of the seriousness and quality of the service. The payment portfolio also makes a good impression, with PayPal and other useful payment methods available for deposits.

Farmskins not only offers skins for different weapons in the form of boxes. On the one hand, the provider has its own boxes for all weapons, but also offers mixed boxes. This means, for example, that a skin for an AK-47 can be found in a box together with a skin for a knife or other weapons. In addition, there are always so-called “Limited Editions” on offer, through which users can secure particularly rare copies. By the way: In our experience, the chance of finding rare and limited skins is significantly higher than with regular purchases. The offer is rounded off by a whole range of stickers, which are basically the cheapest options in the provider's portfolio.

The provider ensures that Farmskins works seriously and securely on several levels. On the one hand, the aforementioned availability of PayPal guarantees security, as deposits are always secured with buyer protection, for example. In addition, the provider also promises its players a money-back guarantee if the selected skin is not received. Thus, all customers are fully protected and do not have to worry about payments. Another clear argument in favour of the provider is that the customer experiences are all positive. This is an important indication, as customer opinions usually reflect the actual image of the provider very well. All in all, there are several indications of a serious environment, which means that fraud or rip-offs can be completely ruled out at Farmskins. When doing business here, customers are always in safe hands.


Farmskins Deposit Methods

There are two ways to fund your FarmSkins account. Skin2Pay, a third-party service that collects skin payments and transfers balances to accounts, is the first option.

For the second option, there's G2A and the use of real cash. These techniques are widely used on CSGO trading or case opening sites, while the minimum investment required can vary. The bare minimum around these parts in FarmSkins is $3.


Farmskins Unique Features


Crate Battle

The player must choose the crates they want, the number of participants, and the path to victory before entering the war for crates. Skin with the highest value belongs to the winner, and the skin with the lowest value belongs to the loser. The maximum number of boxes for combat is 30, and there can be up to four players competing. Notably, the player can still earn points for the daily distribution even if they lose.

Gaben's Store

Bullets are used as currency in Gaben's Store. Orbs are given to the player as a prize for opening a box. The majority of the orbs are in pricier packaging. Additionally, the store has unusual raffles where skins can be purchased for a bargain. And as a result, the player can acquire the gear they need for relatively little money.
Farmskins also provides customers with perks and promotions to make their time spent on the website more profitable and engaging. A daily bonus, or a bonus box, which includes extra boxes, credits, or skins, is possible. You only need to top off your Farmskins account balance to take advantage of this promotion.



In terms of customer service, farmskins has put on a tremendously strong performance. Since players may communicate with the support team via live chat, the provider clearly has an advantage over its rivals in this area. This clearly has advantages over email because responses may be provided in just a few seconds. However, traditional email assistance is also available, but you must expect a multi-hour wait period. Naturally, there are no fees or expenditures associated with counseling. However, it should be remembered that the staff only speaks English, at least from our experience with Farmskins. Therefore, in an emergency, German clients may have to fumble a little with the language. A brief FAQ section that includes at least a few frequently asked issues and provides succinct answers rounds out the assistance.


In the test report, farmskins can make a really positive impact. In addition to promising secure transactions, the service also provides a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Therefore, a safe environment is ensured here, allowing consumers to pull their boxes with ease. Even though there is now no German operation available on the website, the operation and navigation are straightforward. The customer service team is available to assist with any issues or inquiries that may come up. Particularly strong: The staff is accessible via live chat, allowing them to quickly address consumers' issues. However, the fact that the advise is only offered in English is a minor drawback. Even so, we can unambiguously suggest the deal because a number of factors show that Farmskins takes its work seriously and that fraud or rip-offs cannot possibly exist.

In conclusion, FarmSkins is a reputable and trustworthy case opening website for CS:GO skins. It offers a wide variety of skins, a secure trading platform, various payment options, and an active customer support team. It's a great platform for both buying and selling skins, and it's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of CS:GO and looking to acquire new skins.

Farmskins Free Case Promotion

Farmskins offers many perks and promotions to enhance the experience of opening cases for both new and experienced players. The first incentive on Farmskins is the “CSPROMO” promotional code.


What is the bonus available for new players at Farmskins?

New customers qualify for 1.00$ free balance bonus.

What is Farmskins?

Farmskins is a website for opening CSGO cases that was introduced in 2016. Farmskins is still active and provides service to several hundreds of users daily.

Is Farmskins legit?

Usually, CSGO casinos do not have an impressive track record, as the entire industry has only existed for a short time. This is also the reason why there are no licences and regulations as they might be known from regular online casinos. However, in the case of Farmskins, this does not mean that the work here is not serious. Trust is ensured on several levels. On the one hand, the good customer support is a reliable proof of professionalism. At the same time, however, payments with PayPal, for example, guarantee the highest level of security, as they are always processed with PayPal buyer protection. As a very special extra, Farmskins also promises a money-back guarantee if customers do not receive the skin for any reason. Users need not fear fraud or rip-offs in any case. Instead, it can always be assumed that Farmskins works seriously and reliably.

Which cryptocurrencies does Farmskins support?

The most significant ones, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Litecoin ,DAI , Bitcoin Cash, Tether are listed first!

Can I play upgrade skins at Farmskins?

Yes, there are skin upgrade game available to play.



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