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How Hotpizza Works

HotPizza is a case opening site for CSGO skins and other virtual items. Aside from case opening they also offer Battle Opening and Upgrade games

The site offers a wide range of cases starting at just a few cents to mid-range priced premium cases to pricier leather cases, and even to the high-end leather cases.

To get started, you have to first log into your Hotpizza account. Next, you'll need to deposit money into your account using one of the supported methods. You'll then be able to use any of the services offered.

Once you've deposited funds you can start to open cases and upgrade your skins. Then it's time to start battling it out on the battlefield!

Game Selection

You will find four games here. They are: Case Opening, Upgrader, Case Upgrade and Jackpot, and all are considered to be fairly regular CSGO gambling games.

A lot of sites take things a step further and offer casino games, but not here. If you don’t want those extra features then that is okay, as these smaller selections of games keep things simple for this type of player, rather than being bombarded with a lot of games.

Case Battle

Game for more than one person with only one rule. The winner gets everything, but the loser gets something to make up for it.

The player who has the most drops wins the Case Battle.

The winner gets all of the game skins, even those of the other players. The consolation prize is what the losers take home.

1. Sign in through Steam

2. Click the button that says “CREATE BATTLE” in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Pick cases and add them

4. Choose the type of battle: a public battle will be available to everyone, while a private battle will only be accessible through a direct link.

5. Choose how many people will play, from 2 to 4.

6. Click on “CREATE BATTLE”

7. Send out your battle link (if it's a private battle) or wait for other players to join (if it's a public battle).

8. Once the room is full, the fight begins

The battle is made up of cases that were chosen when the battle was made.

One case is one battle round

After each round, every player adds their winnings to their inventory.

After the last round, the total number of drops for each player is figured out.

The player with the most total drops wins all of the skins from this battle, even the skins of other players.

When more than one player has the same drop, the winner is decided by chance.

Since it's not possible to split the winnings in skins between the two winners of a 2v2battle in equal parts, we decided to split the most expensive skin between the two winners and add the winnings to their balances. Only 2v2 battles follow this rule.
If you refresh the page in the middle of a battle, you might be out of sync for a short time. That has no effect on the battle itself; all it does is change the way the picture looks in your browser.
If you started to watch the battle when you were talking about it, you might be able to tell right away how it turned out. That has no effect on the battle itself; all it does is change the way the picture looks in your browser. Also, that doesn't change the outcome. It just means that you started watching the battle when it was almost over, so you might have missed some of the animations.

Payments & Withdrawals

HotPizza lets players play on it using their CSGO skins. This is a great way to try and get some extra inventory. There are also options to deposit and withdraw funds to and from the site. Card payments are accepted via Visa and Mastercard, while cryptocurrency is an option for those looking to make deposits and withdrawals.

Is Hotpizza Legit Or Scam?

Users can check the fair odds on the site for upgrades, battles and cases. The platform gives bonuses to its users on platforms like Facebook and is active on other platforms as well.


  • Supports 20 different languages
  • A wide range of cases
  • Lots of free bonus cases along with giveaways


  • No live chat option
  • Users cannot withdraw skins directly