Although CSGO has been around for a while, the skin casino market is still booming. Many folks might not even be aware of what they are. They are draws where players can win specific weapons and skins for their guns. R1Skins is a modern site with a case opening and upgrade. It has been on the market for a short time and has not yet established its position as a top destination for all case opening lovers.


Bonuses and Promotions


One big draw of the R1Skins site is that it has a welcome bonus for newcomers.

  • The more levels you reach, the more free case opening bonus R1Skins offers each day.
  • For opening cases and failing upgrades, you can get R1 keys, which are store credits. More expensive upgrades will get you more keys, and more expensive cases come with more keys.
  • To open a free case, $0.9 free balance bonus and bonuses of 10% on the first deposit, 7% on the second, and 5% on the third, enter promo code BET.



On R1Skins, you can play two different kinds of csgo gambling games:


You might be able to upgrade your current skin to a rarer and more expensive one. Choose the skin you want to upgrade and the skin you want to obtain to do this. You may also use r1 keys or the site balance to obtain desired skins.

After a successful upgrade, you will swap out an item from your inventory for a more expensive skin.
If an upgrade fails, you lose one item from your inventory, receive a random skin, and receive R1 keys in cashback.




Especially advantageous are the theme boxes, from which players may obtain different skins with matching themes. The service is highly recommended, providing trustworthy transactions at reasonable pricing.



The R1Skins mobile site is easy to use and quick to figure out. You won't have trouble finding your favourite case, which will load quickly on the screen.

The decision by R1Skins not to offer an external app was a good one. Thanks to the mobile website, visitors can easily manage their accounts and open their case without having to download any extra software.


R1Skins has added many different ways to deposit money. Skrill and Neteller are two of the most popular ones, and the good news is that you can use them here. Please keep in mind that the methods might differ depending on where you are, so check with customer service before depositing or withdrawing money.

Customer Support

When we are aware that someone is watching the case opening and is there to answer our questions whenever they arise, we feel more secure and comfortable while we play. The pleasant interaction with a consultant by ticket system, email, or online chat distinguishes R1Skins service from other options.

There are also alternative ways to find the answers you need.

You can now use the site in English, Brazilian and Chinese.


Is R1-skins Casino legit?

Yes! R1-skins is a legitimate gambling platform that continues to provide a secure setting where you can play all your favorite games. Withdrawal of skins is made in a flash.

What is the bonus available for new customers at R1-skins?

All new users get an opportunity to open a Free CSGO Case!

Can I withdraw cash from my account?

No, there is no provision for the withdrawal of cash from your account, you can only transfer skins.

What is a cashback on r1-skins and how it works?

R1 is the only platform that offers cashback. Any purchase made on R1 earns you cashback at 1%.
You can purchase skins with your keys at a cashback store.

How do I sign in through steam if I am from china?

When you try to sign in to r1 with your Steam account, you might get these errors: “Can't access this site” or “ declined your connection request.” Here's the easiest way to fix it:
Here is a link to a site for a vpn steamcommunity tool's community: https://www.Dogfight360.Com/blog/686/ . You must get it and run it.
After you've downloaded the app, run it and click the “start service” button.
Now you can sign in to r1 without using a vpn service and use your favorite skins.


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