Cum să iasă din rândurile de argint?

Cum să iasă din rândurile de argint?

For a new player, it is really hard to get out of that elo hell of silvers and join the glorious ranks of Guardians and Eagles. But we have some good tips and tricks for you which would certainly help you get out of the silver ranks and get to a respectable nova rank. Playin in the low ranks means smurfing, cheating, raging and throwing.

Cum să iasă din rândurile de argint?

The ranks of silvers consists of trollers, smurfers, cheaters and the most precious newbie players. These newbie players also recognised by the term ‘noobare the backbone of this silver community whom are exploited day after day due to the scum of higher ranked community. These are the players when exploited too much, uses rage hacks and spin bots.

But we’ve some tips to get out of that zone and never look back. You just need to follow some basic tricks to master this game. You just need to understand, to be the best, you need to have the advantage that others don’t have, which are off-angles, high HP, grenades till last of the round better weaponary than your oppornents and positional advantages.

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Cum să iasă din rândurile de argint? Coduri bonus CSGO

For the starting, aim. You might have read a lot of articles on good aim and followed video tutorials on youtube aboutHow to have the global’s aimbut that all is bull****. Seriously, if it was that simple as they explain in the video, everyone must be global by now. The basic trick to have a good aim is anticipation. Așteptându în cazul în care capul de inamic va pop și îl vei headshot este calea de a merge. păstrați întotdeauna crosshair la pozițiile prefire, unde PEEK sau de a trage cu ochiul și crosshair-ul se intersectează în mod automat capul lui. Prin anticiparea poziției inamicului, vă puteți aștepta în cazul în care el va fi vizibil dacă el este în acea poziție, și veți avea avantajul de a obține ucide și, eventual, runda folosind acest methord.

După obținerea scopul dumneavoastră corecte, vine mișcarea. Counter strike has a very specific system for movement. You can do stuffs in this game which can not be observed anywhere else in other games. The important part of which being the bunny hops, also known as bhop, and strafing. Timing is very valuable in this game. Every second determines the advantage which player will have, using and mastering bhop help you to reduce the timing you take to reach any specific position versus running to that position. Using bhop, ce crește viteza și modelul se mișcă mai repede decât cea a oricărui model de funcționare normală.

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Când aveți scopul și mișcarea, tot ce ai nevoie este gamesense bun și mai buni prieteni. Niciodată nu se joace cu popoarele mai rău decât tine, cu excepția cazului în care nu doriți să învețe și să te joci pentru trolii. Joaca-te cu jucători mai buni care judecă și critică tine pentru greșelile tale, vă care ajută să vă amintiți să nu repete aceste greșeli din nou.

Gamesense nu pot fi cumpărate nici să fie predate, this is something which you develop after playing hours after hours and you just want to accept all the matches that show up on your screen. Playing different scenarios and challanging your self helps you to develop that gamesense and experience which we’re talking about. No one’s gonna tell you that if any one’s attempting to kill you from midrush, there must be his support from banana on inferno.

One of the important aspect of the game sense is sound mechanism. Hearing correct sounds and firing then calling out the correct position is all the part of game sense.


These are the basic tricks which you can introduce to your game and see the effects in a week or two. GLHF!

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