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Different skin qualities available

There are different colors, quality and grades in which you can find the weapon skins in the game. The quality and grade will depend on the rarity of the skin. For instance, the white color skin is quite common and the Gold colored one is quite rare to come across. The light blue skin while uncommon is of industrial grade and purple is a restricted grade skin. There are skins based on the maps that you are playing, like there is a Train collection for the map involving the train. However, playing over the train does not guarantee that you will get a skin from the Train collection. The drop of the skin is completely random and you may or may not receive a rare and much sought out CSGO skin.

Apart from the skin colors and grades, there are also varieties of exterior quality that will decide on the quality of your skin. The exterior quality is the way your skin molds to the weapon and simulated to be random when the skins are dropped to the player. You have FN, which is brand new, or Factory new and BS, which is Battle-Scarred. There is also Well Worn (WW), Field Tested (FT), and Minimal Wear (MW) which are available in these skins.

How to get a CSGO skin in the game?

There are many ways to get yourself a customized skin in the CS: GO game which includes,

  1. Random drops of the skins in the official server or in the online gaming community for Counter Strike.
  2. You can receive them through promotional crates or while you open weapons.
  3. You can also trade the skins with other players in the game.
  4. Or you can buy them through the Steam Market, the in-game market.

Of course, for all this you need to play the game continuously or use real money in the Steam Market to get your favorite skin for your weapon. Also, one has to remember that the points required to get a simple skin is quite high and you will be always playing to get more points.