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When it comes to eSports fantasy betting, there isn’t as much competition at the top as you would think. Besides Vulcun and most recently DraftKings, AlphaDraft is one of the market leaders. In some regards, they hold advantages as clear as day, but there are some aspects in which things are left to be desired.

  • Fantasy Offer – 8/10
  • Портфолио Esport - 8/10
  • Акции - 9/10
  • Безопасность - 10/10
  • Варианты оплаты - 9/10
  • Customer Service – 6/10

Review: AlphaDraft


Фантазийное предложение:

AlphaDraft offers four contest categories:

1.) Winners takes all

With entry fees coming from as low as .25p to as high as $500, this contest ends with only one winner who sweeps the entire prize pool. A true depiction of high risk – high reward.

2.) 50/50

As the name itself implies, in this type of contest half the players are guaranteed winners while the other half are losers. This is the most player-favored format on AlphaDraft.

3.) Booster

The payout in this contest is not fixed, but based on a percentage multiplier. If you were to enter with $20, a booster of x5 would pay out $100.

4.) Tournaments with GPP

This is the guaranteed prize pools tournaments format, where the payouts are mainly divided among players who finished at the very top. Entry fees for this format are quite varied, and can satisfy low and high rollers alike.


AlphaDraft features contests on League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Smite and Hearthstone. It’s their main advantage over DraftKings, who’ve decided to take up League of Legends as their sole game of choice.

Приветственные предложения:

The welcome bonus at AlphaDraft will match your deposit at a 1:1 ratio up to a maximum of $200. The bonus funds are released as you enter contests, and it’s released by 4% from each entry fee you pay.
You may also refer a friend to earn an additional $25 per person referred. It’s mandatory you check out the terms and conditions for this offer, because no bonus is as simple as it looks.

Серьезность и благонадежность:

AlphaDraft was founded in 2014, and it started making waves in late 2015. In September of 2015, they were acquired by FanFuel – DraftKings’ direct fantasy competitor. The further financial backing certainly helped AlphaDraft emerge atop the eSports fantasy scene. They’ve paid out $5 million in winnings last year, and the platform is more than likely to grow in 2016 as well.

Обслуживание клиентов:

Should you run into any trouble at AlphaDraft, there are two ways you can request customer support; by using the fantasy chat to your right, where you can talk to players or official moderators or by sending an e-mail. A live chat where you can directly talk to an agent or phone call options are both unavailable.

Платежные операции:

AlphaDraft accepts deposits and withdrawals via VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. When you take into consideration they only take in US and Canada residents, the narrow banking assortment is in fact more than enough.


If you were to take up fantasy eSports betting, AlphaDraft is our number one recommendation. Their advantages over competitors are clearly displayed. What’s more is that they’re the first to release a mobile compatible app of their platform, so you can easily check out your fantasy scores on the go. Their major shortcoming is that they only accept players from the US and Canada.