Зашто се губи мечеве у ЦС:Го?

Зашто се губи мечеве у ЦС:Го?

Are you tired of losing your recent matches? You try hard and still lose to your oppornents?

Well you are at the right place. We will have you covered to help you analyze your game play and work upon it.

Let us see why you have been losing. Most probably because you’re bad? But wait, it might be not right, there are other factors to see as well. If you think you are good, then stick we will certainly help you win your matches.

Зашто се губи мечеве у ЦС:Го?

For starting, you don’t play with friends and solo queue way too much. То није добра пракса, као играча које куеуе са током соло игре, теже да буду хакери, рак, раге Куиттерс и генерално олош ове заједнице, који нису могли добити никакву другу да се играју са због своје негативног понашања.

Играње у том негативном окружењу чини ваш игра горе. Не би имала то поверење које сте можда док играте са пријатељима. То сигурно осећај, када знате да можете покушати да су 1вКс ситуације и ваши пријатељи неће судити. Док је играо са случајним играча, they would judge your play and criticize you on every step you would make.

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Зашто се губи мечеве у ЦС:Го? – ЦСГО коцкање

Now comes the second part, your gear and internet connection. Playing on a potato PC with 1994 DSL connection, expecting to be like GeT_RighT, you are just fooling yourself. Get better equipments, atleast respectable equipments which would be providing atleast 150+ FPS and a good broadband connection that provides constant ping with minimum loss.

Moving on, your attitude matters as well. Criticizing other team mates and being negetive using wrong vocabulary, троллинг другима те не победи игре. Уместо тога, чини ваш тим више непријатно, а онда на крају изгубити меч. Не буди таква особа коју нико не жели да се игра са. Обично, такви играчи су шутирали из игре, као и.

Требало би да се зна да су играчи из виших редова већине од времена повећала у МГ редовима. Они користе хаковање и зидове. Чекања против ових играча чини шансе за победу је врло мали. Не можете учинити ништа о томе. They are the legends of this glorious community, they play like they are the next face of fnatic and NiP. You can try as hard as possible but the only conclusion is a HvH game in the end. The HvH game is Hacker vs Hacker game where both team are hacking and you have no choice to save your rank, either way you are going to lose a good amount of your elo and probably your rank as well.

What you can do is to play on paid servers. Such as ESEA, Sostronk, Faceit. These services are paid and let you rank against similar skill group. They have their own anti-cheats, which are iconically, better than VAC. You can play for free on Sostronk and Faceit but paid apps are more preffered due to their paid services.

ГЛХФ, hope you get your stuff together and win some matches ahead.

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