The 10 Best Counter-Strike Binds 2022

In this article, we will be going over the 10 best counter-strike binds to use in 2022. These binds will all help you be more efficient at playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Having good binds in CS:GO is a very vital part because it can help you be more efficient at the game. Before you start you should make an autoexec file in your config if you haven’t already. An autoexec is a file where you write your config into so that it automatically can run it when you open the game.

How to make a Jumpthrow Bind in CS:GO

The first bind we will be going over is the jumpthrow bind. It is the most important bind to have in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because it allows you to throw a lot of useful utility. It is normally used in combination with a wide range of grenade lineups that allows the player to throw their utility a lot further – and more precisely. There can be a bit of a

The way it works is by holding down your left mouse button and clicking on the button. The character then jumps and throws the utility.

Currently bound to ALT. Copy the following command into your autoexec.

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind alt "+jumpthrow"

How to Bind Jump on Mouse Wheel in CS:GO

This bind will allow you to use your mouse wheel to jump with. Many players are a big fan of it because it helps you land your bhops better. So if you are interested in learning how to bhop, then you should use this bind.

Currently bound to mouse wheel up & down. Copy the following command into your autoexec.

bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump

CS:GO Grenade Binds (Flashbang / Smoke / HE Grenade / Molotov)

This bind will make it easier for you to use your grenades by binding them to their keys.

  • Flashbang is binded to Z
  • Smoke is binded to X
  • He grenade is binded to C
  • Molotov is binded to V

Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bind z "use weapon_flashbang";bind x "use weapon_smokegrenade";bind c "use weapon_hegrenade";bind v "use weapon_molotov;use weapon_incgrenade"

CS:GO Remove Blood Bind

Having a clear decal bind is very useful since it clears all the blood and graffiti when you press it. It will make it a lot easier to spot enemies late in the round.

Currently bound to M. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bind m "r_cleardecals"

CS:GO Switch Hand Bind

With this bind, you can change the gun position from left to righthand. This is useful because the gun can block vision in some positions.

Currently bound to H. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bind h "toggle cl_righthand 0 1"

CS:GO Drop Bomb Bind

This CS:GO bind drops the bomb and then instantly switches back to your primary weapon. Very useful to use before pushing/peeking if you are.

Currently bound to B. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bind b "use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop; slot1"

CS:GO Voice Disabled Bind

This CS:GO bind is extremely valuable to have when trying to clutch in your Counter-Strike matches. When you click on the key it will mute all your teammates. Click the key again to unmute them.

Currently bound to J. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bindtoggle j voice_enable 0 1

CS:GO Increase Volume When Walking Bind

Usually, when you are walking around in Counter-Strike you are trying to be quiet or listen for enemy sound steps. This bind makes it easy to listen for sound steps by increasing your volume when you hold shift. And switching back to normal when you stop walking. You might need to adjust it to your normal volume though.

Currently bound to SHIFT. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

alias +incvol "incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+speed";alias -incvol "incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-speed";bind SHIFT +incvol

CS:GO Radar Zoom Bind

Sometimes you need to see what happens on the other side of the map. This bind makes that very easy by zooming out your map when you click the key.

Currently bound to O. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bind o "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0 1 0.25"

CS:GO Noclip Bind

This bind will allow you to use noclip on your servers that allow it. It will make you able to fly around the map easily so you can test out utility faster.

It is currently bound to N. Copy the following command into your autoexec:

bind n "noclip"

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