yerel bir sunucuda Pratiği

yerel bir sunucuda Pratiği

You can reach the heights of the professional counter-strike scene but even the pros need to practice. You can practice aim, movements and sound on any Deathmatch or retake based servers. But how can you possibly practice smokes, prefire, co-ordinated flashes and most importantly practicing and locating your personal wallbangs.

Don’t you think body’s infamous wallbang on cache was something he discovered through something, how could he possibly know that it will kill someone at 1:49 exactly.The answer is a private server with certain commands to help them train. But isn’t it very lenghty to type all the commands everytime you want to practice? Well the answer to that is by using a config. How to make and use a config? İyi, stick with us and your will find out.

yerel bir sunucuda Pratiği

First things first, we will use a local server, dedicated servers will be needing sourcemod which won’t be covered.

Now let us first compile a practice config.

You can google for professional players practice config, but here’s the basic you need to know:

sv_cheats 1

mp_limitteams 0

mp_autoteambalance 0

mp_freezetime 0

mp_roundtime 60

mp_roundtime_defuse 60

mp_roundtime_hostage 60

mp_maxmoney 99999

mp_startmoney 99999

mp_buytime 9999

mp_buy_anywhere 1

ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

sv_infinite_ammo 1



sv_grenade_trajectory 1

sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10

sv_showimpacts 1

sv_showimpacts_time 10

mp_restartgame 1

Save these commands in a notepad and save it to the cfg folder found in – “…\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg”. Name it whatever you want. In our case it will bepractice.cfg”.

CSGO Kodları

yerel bir sunucuda Pratiği

Start any map on your local server you want to practice using the console, as following:

Start of by pulling up console by pressing ~ key on your keyboard.

tip “map de_<map-name>” and hit enter, this will load the desired map.

Open the console just like eariler and now typeexec practiceand this will execute the practice.cfg we compiled earlier. If you name your config anything else, execute accordingly.

These extra commands are useful if you wish to add them:

sv_showimpacts_penetration 1 – Its useful for testing wallbangs, Eğer farklı yüzeyler aracılığıyla ele ne kadar zarar gösterecektir.

bot_place – crosshair'in bakıyor bir bot yerleştirir. Yararlı bot_stop ile birleştirildiğinde.

Sonuç – Bu kişisel ekip sunucusu veya bu tür hizmetler için ödemeden size pratik yardımcı olacaktır. Harici kaynaklardan gelen rahatsızlıklar olmadan huzur içinde pratik yapabilirsiniz. İstediğin yerde botlar ekleyebilir ve wallbangs ve el bombası yörüngelerini test edebilirsiniz.

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