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Enter as many items as you want to upgrade into the cube at the top. From there you can select what multiplier you want to roll for. If you win the roll then you lose your item and you receive the item you were trying to get. If you lose the roll then you lose your item and do not receive anything.





Comes closest to the classic casino games among all the gamble sites. However, the “wheel” does not consist of 36 numbers plus the zero, but only 14. The player can bet either on the numbers 1 to 7 (red), 8 to 14 (black) or on the zero (green). Red and black are paid skins worth 1:1, with the zero there is a payout of 14:1.


How do CS:GO casinos work?

In principle, the CS:GO Casinos do not work much differently than the regular picking up of cases in the game. Within the game, cases and skins are dropped again and again, which can then be picked up by the players. So-called keys are necessary for this, which are purchased on Steam. This “regular” way to get the skins via drop thus also has to do with gambling, since random weapon skins are always found in the cases. The casinos basically work according to a similar principle. However, players enjoy a powerful advantage here in advance, because the case is individually tailored to their needs. So, for example, if you are looking for a specific skin for your knives (knife), the AWP or the Deagle, you will find suitable cases in a CS:GO casino that consist exclusively of these weapons. The search is much faster with this support and information. The login is done quite regularly via Steam, which makes it easy to deposit and withdraw the skins. For this, the Steam Trade URL is entered, which can be found in one's Steam profile under “Trade”. This URL allows trading and shipping of the skins outside of the Steam marketplace.


How do I get the skins on the CSGO Casino?

Either you simply use the item trade via Steam to transfer your own skins – or you buy the corresponding skins directly on the gambling site via credit card, PayPal, etc. If your casino account is connected to Steam, the skins can be deposited into the casino for free if they are pushed directly into your account.




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