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Nowadays most games come with a Skin addition and Counter Strike : Global Offensive has set the golden standard for what skins can offer to a game.






我们知道!想想迷彩。想到隐身! 思考状态!

While they do not add to your actual weapon ability i.e. make your firearm shoot faster, aim better or shoot more bullets, there is no substitute for the recognition you get from using sick skins.


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Galil ecoStat-Trak® Skins

Stat-Trak® 皮肤超级特别!



Stat-Trak® 皮肤将为你做就是了。统计数据® skins are somewhat rare, and can only come from opening cases or buying them off the market. With a built in kill-counter you will know exactly how many kills you have accomplished from the moment you equipped that skin and with this always on display for you, you can use it as your own personal goal achiever. Watch ‘em buggers tally up! Awesome, right?

只是一个提醒,这是一个很好的了解,如果你卖你的Stat-Trak的。® skin, the kill counter will automatically reset, so there won’t be any worries of some n00b out there logging up your kills.







Souvenir skins come from souvenir cases, which are able to be opened without a key. They are dropped to spectators in valve-sponsored tournaments, which are ESL and DreamHack (these are tournaments where professionals compete). In order to get a souvenir drop, you have to link your twitch account to your steam profile and be watching the stream. There are merits to sitting on the sidelines it seems!


As the name says, they are souvenirs to remember the game by. When you open a souvenir case, you receive a skin that has 3-4 unobtainable golden stickers on it and the signature of the player who was the MVP in the previous round. The weapon for the skin you receive is randomly chosen from those that are in the game. For example, if you’re watching Fnatic on DreamHack and Olofmeister is the MVP of a round and then you get a case, then the skin you get will have 4 gold foil stickers: One golden tournament sticker, two golden team stickers, and one golden Olofmeister signature sticker.

For this reason souvenir skins can be quite expensive, and sometimes these weapons are not traded away because they have sentimental value. After all, some souvenir skins are one of a kind.




With regards to the types of skins, certain weapons can come out in all three categories of skins, but some only get the normal branding since there are some skins that do not come from cases. There are too many skins/cases to try and break it all down here.




皮肤的工作方式也是类似的,虽然他们是天生的,就像Lady Gaga一样。


So whatever your fancy is you can make your choice by using this simple, but not exact grading method. This grading method is called the “float value” of a skin, and goes from .00 being the best to .99 being the worst.


Staying with our “keep it simple, stupid” here are the five grades from super brand new to pretty old, or best to worst, depending on how you look at it.


级别 我们的解释
工厂新品 全新开箱
极少磨损 手工制作的旧衣服
实地测试 做了一点实地工作
陈旧的 在灌木丛中来来回回地走了一圈
伤痕累累 战场上的老人


Fac-new vulcan

Now this is different to the “wear” of the Skin, in that this grades how rare the Skin is and what its intrinsic value is on the market place.



颜色 稀有性 等级类型
普通 消费者等级
浅蓝色 UNCOMMON 工业级
深蓝色 稀有 MIL-SPEC等级
紫色 神话 限制级
粉红色 传奇 分类等级
红色 古代 反曲级
黄金 非常罕见 MELLE武器等级
棕色 IMMORTAL 康班德级(已停止)


So, when you are spinning that free wheel of fortune (known as opening cases), you want be shouting out “Please be a purple!! I SAW A RED!!!”, or if you’re even luckier, “OMG YELLOW YESSS!!!” At least this is what I do, maybe you guys are different. If you’re still confused, here’s a breakdown of what the weapons in the cases might be. And for those of you wondering what the “rare special item” is, it’s a gorgeous, beautiful thing called a knife. Luckily, Valve doesn’t tease you by showing you a yellow unless you’re gonna land on it.

Csgo case colorsDrops occur at the end of every game, and these drops can include skins or cases. This is not the only way to get skins, and for the most part you will get only grays or blues when you don’t get cases. Refer to our article 如何在cs go上获得皮肤 在这里,我们给你更多关于皮肤掉落的情报。


Stat-Trak® Skin Drops





Why You Gotta Get Those Skins



Simply put, you will receive loads of respect and admiration from the other gamers if you have kickass skins for your weapons. Who doesn’t like a shwanky looking AK?

But a word of warning, you better have your game plan on and NOT play like a girl! (No offense to those kickass, straight-aiming girls out there, and I know there are!) It’s one thing looking the part, but if you suck and have no skills, then it’s best you spend more time on aim maps than trading.


Picture this. You are crouched low, breathing heavy, behind some crates, in a deserted garden and the enemy is approaching fast. Just as you lock in the dead center of his forehead, he turns and walks away from you. Why? Because you’re practically invisible. Or at least your weapon is.

Although most of you veteran players won’t believe me, in the lower ranks you can often sit in a corner with only your gun peeking out, and if your gun blends into the background no one will notice. Also, enemies will might not notice if there is a gun sitting on the ground, but it blends in with the background. Some CT might pass up an AK-47 Sand Dune even though you were just shooting them with it!

A good example is the Mag-7 Sand Dune or any other gun in this skin. In the screenshot below, the Mag-7 Sand Dune blends right in with the walls on Inferno. If you’re below MG, give it a try!

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One way to get skins is to open cases that you get from drops. Be warned, you will usually spend more money on the keys to open cases than you will get on the weapons you receive. In trader’s terms, this is a common way to “lose” money, but the entertainment value of opening cases can often be worth it.





Steam Market is a good place to trade Skins. You not only can trade Skins in Steam Market, but stickers, trading cards and containers. This is verified and promoted by Valve, the developers of Counter Strike. You have to register with Steam and use their Steam Wallet Funds, pretty much like Bitcoins (virtual money) and then you can buy and sell Skins to your hearts desire. Read “Where to buy CSGO Skins” for a more in depth look at buying skins!!

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